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Shamaeel Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses & Pret Collection 2019

Shamaeel Ansari Latest Bridal Dresses & Pret Collection 2019-2020

Equipped with great grandeur and luxury Shamaeel Ansari couture brings you the best of the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. With her strong taste in fashion, super creative mind and a peculiar eye for details, Shamaeel has been setting several milestones in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. From a great many accolades to the best-ranking brand privilege, Shamaeel Ansari has garnered all the good repute for rendering her great services in the field of fashion. Shamaeel Ansari Brand is backed by the sheer creativity and talent of the lady Shamaeel Ansari herself. Like every year, the latest hits of this clothing line are making news in the fashion circles of the country. Since we all have been waiting anxiously for such a vivid and vibrant display of colors and embroideries, here comes all the new series of dresses designed under the label of Shamaeel Ansari.

New Arrivals:

The time we all have been anticipating for is finally here, the exclusively designed Shamaeel Ansari latest couture is here to surprise us with the ultimate display of hues and style. The astounding maroon shade in all those pieces will move your hearts, and the cuts and embellishments are largely supporting the theme of the series. From tops to the bottoms, everything about this new arrival is distinctive. Jackets are certainly put back on the front line where they are finely embroidered with amazing thread and applique work. Wrap dresses and bottom fewer tunics also made a part of this series. Fanned sleeves in light chiffon was another reflection of Shamaeel’s extraordinary geniuses. In this collection, you will be able to see all the silk, chiffon, net and printed jacquard in best of the cuts. Every piece has a fresh appeal, because of the sharp contrasts and prominent designs.


The latest of the Shamaeel Ansari luxury collection takes you to the land of soft color and soothing prints. The lightest silk chiffon with amazing feel has been molded into several awe-inspiring designs. Body wrap dresses with pale colored bottoms are making waves in the fashion circles. The captivating ensemble of loose sleeved tops with broad base flappers looks amazing when carried to any occasion. This luxury collection is there to cater to the needs of women who carry style with quality. Shamaeel has given a new identity to the wrap style while giving all the tops a bad and loose touch along with a prominent tie knot on the waist or right below the waist. The variety of these dresses are customized in several different ways; some are paired with matching uppers, while others carry different forms of broad-based trousers. Carry these dresses with charming high heels and create magic with your entire outlook.

The main concept behind the luxury collection has always been to create a spellbinding style using the softest of colors. Just like the last year’s epic luxury collection, the focus remained on the mellow color and decent outlook. You won’t be finding any of the heavy embroideries over the dresses. That is why the luxury collection by Shamaeel Ansari is best to carry out to parties and occasional celebrations. The cuts and stitches of these dresses are enough to make the outfits look incredibly unique and novel. The latest luxury collection 2019 will catch you by its scenic prints. Every piece of apparel has a picture to paint in front of you. It is this use of archetypal landscape imagery that makes this luxury collection fascinating.

Velvet Series:

These pretty velvet dresses with fine details and adornments will blow away your hearts. Check out this remarkable assortment.


The pret collection by Shamaeel has always been setting new precedents in the fashion world while bringing ease and comfort together with style. If you want your formal wardrobe to become an emblem of sophistication and supreme style, then the latest pret collection by Shamaeel can be your next fit. Wild colors, sharp cuts, and loose wraps are the three most distinguishing features of this collection. Whether you want to carry fashion in high boots or in retro silhouettes, there is one good option available in this couture to meet your needs. From long ankle length dresses to embroidered shirts and trousers, every possible stitch style is encompassed in this collection. There is a mix of embroideries and prints in each dress, which creates a complete balance.


The bridal wear of every great clothing line always takes center stage. It is that art people usually pay the most to look up to. Shamaeel Ansari has a unique approach towards the bridal wardrobe. While keeping it all very traditional, she discovers new ways to highlight the richness of our ancient heritage. The details of the embroideries and the diversity of the threadwork, dabka, zari, kundan, and pearl work, are the two most inspiring features of her latest bridal collection. When it comes to style, the entire range represents all the variants of lehenga choli, upper with trouser shirts, ankle length frocks, half jackets, and maxi gowns. There are all extremes of hues available in this collection; this diversity of colors helps all the brides to carry the style for all the wedding occasions including Barat, mehndi, reception, engagement. The richly embroidered bridal shawls along the dresses have caught most of the attention after the launch of this collection.

From the Ramp:

Shamaeel always produced the head-turning designs at the fashion weeks. Each dress and design speaks its own uniqueness and style. Every masterpiece is created with great effort and give pure artistic vibes.

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