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Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles 2021-2022 Trends

Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles 2018-2019 Trends

Hairstyles count for most of our outlook. They carry those curls and silky black shine determines how our makeover will turn out to be. Every look demands a different hairstyle which could suit best to the occasion or best to our makeover. A heavy voluminous Bun per say would only suit a Bride dressed in shimmering red. Or a simple twisted half knot style would suit best for a party makeover. So coming right on the point, we all need series of hairstyles for each occasion. It seems a bit too confusing considering so many styles which are on the trend. But with our insight regarding the best of the party and wedding hairstyle, you will get your perfect pick. Here we are sharing the Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles 2021 for Asian Girls.

Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles 2021 for Indian & Pakistani Girls

So let’s give the scroll one more push and find out more about the recent gorgeous hairstyles. Whether you have curly hairs, wavy one or silky one, you can try the Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles according to your desired outlook.

The Wedding Buns:

Buns have always been the right choice for the bridal makeover. They so suit the regal and traditional Asian bride. Moreover, it adds to the desired volume of the bridal hair. Buns these days are in turn comes in so many varieties like the buns with side curls, the buns with bangs, the buns with flowers or the neat buns. For those of you who are not going to carry a matha Patti or side Patti can try buns for best of their outlooks, as the front hair will be styled accordingly and will give our face a nice touch.

The Fancy Updos & Braids:

The fancy updos & braids were not that common, even a few years back. But as of today, the braids are so in style. As the braids to can be styled with lots of volumes and messy outlook. Braids are also a perfect way to adorn the hair with delicate floral twigs extending from one end of the braid to another. Even the braid can also complement the floral matha Patti or any other head jewelry. So go ahead and try one for your special day, especially for Mehndi or Mayun outlook.

The Bangs & Curls:

Bangs have their own fascination when we consider the fall and shine of them. They add so much sophistication to any of the hair types. Mostly bangs are set in untied hair, but the style varies from one side bangs to the two side bangs, or the bangs with half knots or small bangs with bun. Bangs suit best to the lighter bridal outlook and also looks perfect for all the party dresses. So they are somewhat more Omni in their use.

Funky Party Hairstyles:

Party braids are entirely different from the bridal ones, as these are simpler and lighter in volume. You don’t need lots of hair ornaments to style them. Rather just few bobby pins will suffice for an amazing party braid. You can try a simple side braid, or a French one, fish braid or loose braid. For a funky party outlook just don’t forget to pull out few of the small bangs around the ears and you will simply rock.

Elegant Party Buns:

A perfect messy bun is the ideal party hairstyle. Whether you are carrying a western gown or the traditional one, the messy buns are your answer to all the amazing outlooks. Try it in one-sided buns style or top knots. Few simple twists and curls will give you a nice look for the day. If you want to add more funk, add some braids near the hairline or a sparkling hair brooch.

Half Up & Down:

The trends of half up and down hairstyling are always in the fashion. Whether it is a formal event or a simple casual one. Half up & down hairs always flaunt the day. For carrying a formal look you have to form a neat flaunting layers with a flower.

Simple Straight:

Simple straight hairs always look decent as well as stylish at the same. We have picked some of the straight hair Latest Asian Party Wedding Hairstyles for Asian Girls.

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Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2021-2022 for Wedding Brides

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2017-2018 for Wedding Brides

In Pakistan, a bride without Mehndi has always been considered as a bad omen. And now no eastern wedding is complete without bridal mehndi. Full hand floral designs along with foot designs in variant styles and shades are given great importance for the big event. Mehndi art has done a big business due to wedding events these days. Unique and heavy bridal mehndi designs give brides a distinctive look and traditional appeal. Today we will share Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection for Wedding Brides.

Bridal mehndi designs show a range of intricate series of the pattern. Dark black mehndi is very popular these days as far as bridal mehndi is concerned. Beautiful flower patterns along with a glint of gold or silver beads or glitters give a perfect royal and traditional appearance. Fine patterns with delicate floral designs are most common among all. However, some girls like to have prominent and thick coated floral patterns.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection for Wedding Brides are going to be greatly fascinating and full of fine artwork. Besides, these are going to be highly decent with patches of floral works around the front and back of the hands. The styles are designed as the complete set, mehandi for hands is going to match and compliment the designs for feet too. If a Bride wants soft and delicate patterns on hands, then the patterns for feet will also include delicate bands of floral patterns. Various stylish and beautiful motifs are applied with or without shading along with designing on the fingers. Round floral motifs are going to be more popular.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2020-2021 for Wedding Brides

Tiki adds a charm to your bridal mehndi patterns. A heavy tiki full of circular floral designs looks great, especially when the bride is all dressed up in yellow for her mayoun event. It looks fabulous if the darker shades of mehndi are applied. For tiki’s, one thing to keep in mind is the finer and thinner you will apply the designs, the more fabulous will it look. The majority of the eastern brides are more attracted towards it.

Many of the few girls also love to have thick floral patterns, and that will lead you to the Arabic henna styles. As these designs are also going to be in trend, but with distinctive styles. Like the floral patterns are going to be more glamorous and stylish. Bands of thick flowers with coats of shadings and fillings, all can be found here. A combination of various Arabic styles will suit you the best and will give you a different trendy design.

Nice bands of flower patterns around the ankles and a motif at the center of the feet look magnificent when you are going to walk in your silhouettes at your wedding reception. Motifs are also applied on the sides of both arms with a delicate band or strip of flower whirling around. Designs on hands mostly extend to the elbows, whereas few brides like to keep it to the lower arms only. In any case, your design should be selected for your dress and its embroidery work. Try to keep it simple but trendy this year then you will have a perfect bridal mehandi on your big day.

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Beautiful Easy Finger Mehndi Designs 2021-2022 Styles

Beautiful Easy Finger Mehndi Designs 2018-2019 Styles

Lately, the mehndi designs have evolved into something uniquely simpler. They are comparatively more casual, easy to design and suits to every single style. A fully loaded mehndi handprint is the idea of the past. Today, girls of all ages prefer to carry designs which involve simpler motifs and look more trendy or appealing. This is the reason that the “fingers only” mehndi designs are getting more popular with every passing hour. Finger designs vary in their style, from matching patterns to the assorted ones, all look equally ravishing. If you haven’t yet tried the newest trend in town then here is a chance for you to get the latest insight and try it on. Here we are going to share the Beautiful Easy Finger Mehndi Designs for you ladies.

Beautiful Easy Finger Mehndi Designs 2021-22 Collection

As Stylesgap is here to provide the recent collection of fingerprints for a ravishing mehndi outlook. You can try these ones for any party or casual hangout. Or use them for the routine style. Let your anticipation run high and scroll a bit harder to explore the newest of all henna designs.

1. Shaded bloom:

It seems the bit loaded around the tip but ends up giving a nicer color to the nails and their borders. The infused flower patterns, however, add the real charms.

2. The lacework pattern

It’s a perfect combo of elegance and sheer grace. It looks like a net lace has wrapped around your fingers. It has perfect balance and symmetry for your fingers.

3. The delusional motifs

It’s not mandatory to cover every inch of your finger while putting on these designs, you can use scattered motifs which would be following a certain thematic pattern.

4. Floral curls

This curling floral twig is so delicate and styled with simplest of the swirling patterns. Thus least amount of effort can bring an amazing result.

5. The Elegant tips

The easier they are, they are looking equally elegant. All it has is the combination of lines and curves, but it will greatly highlight the curves of your nails.

6. Parallel beauty

Parallel series of lines and curves extending through the five fingers, such a simple technique to highlight the curves of your fingers.

7. Dotted Network

This pattern consists of flower patterns which are designs with the interconnected and symmetric dots. It has an urban touch to its look.

8. The traditional

The perfect use of traditional mehndi patterns. It makes use of all those familiar motifs but with the dint of the modern style.

9. Driftwoods

The interconnecting lines, well designed over the upper halves of the fingers gives you a driftwood outlook. It seems like finger are adorned with alluring pieces of antique jewellery.

10. The pretty fives:

The pattern continues on all the five fingers in a perfect monotone. It looks like a hanging garden of orchids has beautifully adorned the fingers.

11. Loaded finger designs

For a full finger loaded style, this series of patterns is the right choice. It can be paired with the matching wristband design.

12. Descending prints

This patterns add a volume to the tops of the finger and tastefully highlight the nail color and nail shape. As it descends, the pattern follows a slight sleek and cut.

13. Ultra-Symmetric

A package of well woven swirling patterns, crafted in a perfect depth and dimension. It also focuses the upper halves of the fingers, thus highlights the tips.

14. Curling Peacocks

This pattern the mix of pairing peacock designs. And the print extends from top to bottom of the finger.

15. The ring finger:

Here is an amazingly charming pattern, which only covers the ring finger with the loaded matrix of mehndi designs.

For those who carry a shining ring their ring fingers, should try this one to highlight the glare of their hands.
Well, this is not it. There is a number of other ideas which are totally worth giving a shot. So why not see it for yourself and discover the possibilities to experiment with the latest trend.

Beautiful Easy Finger Mehndi Designs

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Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret Formal Dresses 2021-2022 Collection

Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret Formal Dresses 2019-2020

When you think about Pakistan’s well-known and renowned fashion designers, it reminds you of one of the talented fashion artists of Pakistan Zainab Chottani. Her exclusive work in the fashion line has made her establish a distinct image in the fashion industry. Her fascinating range of apparels includes both the formal and casual attires. Formal wear includes apparels of all kind including the party wear, bridal dresses and other dresses for certain specific occasions. Your choice would meet an excellent match when you try to find it in the exclusive Zainab chottani luxury pret formal dresses collection.

No fashion week or Bridal Couture is complete without pretty models donning into the alluring and magnificent dress series by Chottani. She has the art of converting mere fabric into masterpieces. Designs and style hit the new pedestal of the trend that creates a fantastic fusion. She creates a balance of hues with the embellishments over the dress. Her clothing line carries all types of apparels, from lehengas to long shirts, angarkha’s, frocks, capes, kurtas and embroidered trousers and much more. Soft and delightful hues are the trademark of her collection, meeting the needs of each season and each trend.

Long Shirts Trend:

Medium Shirts & Lehengas:

Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret Formal Dresses Latest Collection 2021-2022

The latest party wears formal & luxury pret collection 2021 by Zainab Chottani is out now on her Exclusive outlets. This luxurious pret and party wear formal dresses collection have a beautiful amalgamation of white, pink, maroon, black, silver, beige, gold and blue. Starting with the Cape series of the assortment, the dusty pink cape with loads of embroidery work of pearls, stones, dabka, kora and ribbon looks great for the trendy occasion. This cape is adorned distinctively with the intricate work over the length of the shirt. You can carry these for formal evening parties. Another masterpiece from the Cape series is the blue one which is beautifully designed and embellished with sequin work. The front is made open with the coat collars.

Velvet Shirt Trend:

Next in line are the beautiful long shirts with the front cut open, adorned with fabulous embroidery work in gold and ivory over white and grey. The dress is hued in soft whereas the dupattas carry refreshing hues like pink, lime green and sky blue. These shirts carry the work of dabka and zardozi coupled with sequin work. Most of the dresses in this assortment are inspired by the Victorian embroidery given a beautiful finish with the laces at the borders of the shirts.

Saree Style:

Lehenga Choli Fashion:

Front Open Long Gowns:

Frock Style Maxis:

Peplum Dress Frocks:

Front Open Shirts:

The Zainab chottani luxury pret formal dresses collection is also full of exciting, bold shades in Organza jackets. These jackets carry Victorian inspired embroidery motif on the back, whereas the front has bordered embroidered. These jackets are available in maroon, black, and blue and grey.These jackets have the bunch of cutwork and uber work in stylish, chic style. The latest luxury pret and party wear formal collection by Zainab chottani also gives you the best of the skirt series with tons of flare and stylish tops. These are available in light colours of green, white and grey. These skirts are adorned with beautiful net laces at the bottom of the skirt whereas the shirts are embellished with lovely cutwork and intricate patterns.

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Latest Party & Wedding Wear Formal Peshwas Frocks 2021 Designs

Latest Party & Wedding Wear Formal Peshwas Frocks

As our blog always provides you with the best western and eastern fashion. So that you need not visit markets in this busy life routines and just search for the updated trends among clothing, makeup etc. via online platforms. Recently we were discussing Indian fashion and traditions so while continuing the discussion of Asian fashion, here today we have come across with Latest Party & Wedding Wear Formal Peshwas Frocks Collection for the year 2021.

Asian beauty is most celebrated, desired, admired and dreamed of and when these beauties are attired with embellished and fancy traditional outfits. Like sarees, salwar kameez, pishwas, Churidar Pajamas, length chiffon dupattas and most of all the frocks adorned with stones and motifs.

These days, Asian frock sartorial attitude is quite in fashion but not in the way they were designed before instead innovative modifications & vintage experimentations are added in this wear.

Frocks are available in various varieties either formal or semi-formal, yeah fashion lover girls wear this dress in their daily routines to look pretty and gorgeous.

This stunning dress when comes into the category of party wears, it’s beyond words how designers have managed to design stunningly amazing party wear frocks. A-line, Anarkali, and other floor-length frocks are so trendy these days.


Pakistani Party & Wedding Wear Formal Peshwas Frocks 2021 Designs

Indian party dresses have been designed in different manners. Some are light embroidered; some have heavily embroidered necklines with adornments. Here we have posted the amazing collection of Latest Indian Party Wear Dresses that consists of elegant designs and patterns of Anarkali suits, churidars, peshwas, salwar kameez, and kalidars.

The fabric stuff used mostly is chiffon, net, georgette, jamawar, and tissue because this stuff has a huge capability of looking elegant and fancy. Fancy embellishments are made on the necklines and sleeves border, also on the daman so-called ‘ghaira’ of the frock. These frocks according to the latest trends are paired with Churidar Pajamas or Capri; straight cigarette pants these days.

Look at this pretty black maxi style long peshwas dress. The golden embroidery on black giving marvelous contrast.

This front open long frock is the best option for parties and wedding functions. The front is adorned with 3-D flowers, mirror work, pearls, and beads that look so pretty. Loving the lace details and shimmery fabric.

This heavy embellished long peshwas frock having banarsi inner is good for walima functions or barat. Different type of work is done on the fancy fabric.

Indian Party & Wedding Wear Formal Peshwas Frocks 2021 Designs

Pakistani Latest Party Wear Long frocks for Ladies Collection comprises of a very fine array of hottest designs. The selection includes double shirt dresses, party wear frocks, gowns, long pishwas, and umbrella frocks. The color combination used is so appealing and eye-catching. Colors such as black, blue, red, orange, pink, green, yellow, peach brown, off-white, etc. are being used.

The color scheme has left no limits this time. Approximately every shade is in trend now especially purple, green, black, red, orange, peach, skin, and navy blue, off-white. Look a this beauty. Mustard yellow frock and olive color dupatta is best for mehndi mayun functions.

This burgundy maroon embellished long peshwas with printed dypatta is perfect for day time wedding and party events.

Other than that multi-color thread work is so fashionable these days with a contrast bright chiffon dupatta like shocking pink or red, purple. Double-lined net frocks are also so up to date according to the latest fashion. This red with golden combo seems so royal.

Like printed silk cloth is used as a lining of frock having the huge width just according to that of the dress and net above it all with embroidery o the whole or just on the neckline or border of it.We are in love with this lilac lavender peshwas with embroidered neck and front.

The latest frocks are perfect to wear at parties, weddings, etc. Furthermore, you can get any of it from the outlets nearby or via online shopping portals due to a facility of internet. Hope you will love them all.

Koti style neckline peshwas

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Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-21

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-21

Sana Safinaz is a premium luxury cloth retailer that provides a unique clothing line for women. Due to the high quality & stunning designs, it is becoming the need of every eastern woman. This legendary cloth manufacturer took its first step in the fashion field in 1989 and since then it has achieved large-scale fame especially in the last few years. A timeless, luxury and sophisticated designer wear that always come with best women dresses and unseen craftsmanship that has become the dream of women especially in Pakistan for every season & making the dream of the women come true the brand released its amazing winter collection volumes and now the most amazing shawl collection by Sana Safinaz is presented with the latest shawl designs. Here we are going to discuss the Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-2021

These designer ladies have always taken care of the needs of consumers according to season just like shawl is needed in the winters and most women prefer to wear it as it has also become a huge trend of the season, so why not with style & matching according to your clothes?

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020-2021

Latest Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2020 is quite impressing with eye-catching the play of colors and best women dress accentuated in ethnic, urban and tribal prints. The whole winter’s attire is a best seasonal package with a high dose of versatility and elegance in it. The dresses in this collection are made with fabrics like woven and marina, where shawls are made more elegant with fancy stuff, intricate embroideries, and embellishments of motifs that have enhanced their charm.

There are dresses like ultra-feminine Paisley to large contrast cashmere trees, monochrome floral to pretty motifs, trellis patterns to anthemion motifs, striking sub-continental paisley with elaborate geometry, in short, it is full of lovely and petrifying elements with a pair of complimentary shawls done with intricate detailing.

A cozy-yet-ethereal feeling of intimate winter gatherings, a mood tinged with the familiarity of vintage and the novelty of adventure. A muted palette studded with accents of bright electric color. You will fell in love with each design as every piece speaks its own dialect. From tribal and desi prints to the modern and traditional ones. This whole assortment is a statement of fashion and class. You will see the rich traditional embroideries with contemporary cuts and patterns.


You can get this stunning yet playful trend with its evergreen features for the whole chilly season from any Sana Safinaz outlet across the country and as there are extended branch stores in various cities of the country, so I think it is so easy to fulfill your winter wardrobe dream with Sana Safinaz Winter shawl series.

The prices are kept worth paying off due to the quality stuff and valuable trends it is offering. Furthermore, there are details of this winter shawl collection in the picture gallery below to make it the easier choice for you girls, hope you will love them. So keep on enjoying this chilly weather with style and sophistication. Thank-you.

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Nimsay Stylish Formal Dresses Festal Collection 2020

red – Nimsay Stylish Formal Dresses Festal Collection

Vibrant and vivid colors combined with glimmering embellishments is what makes the Pakistani ethnic fancy wear extremely special. As we are about to step into the wedding season, which comes with a lot of gatherings, dinners, and parties to attend to, girls! You need to amp up our style and pick the best apparel out for all the festivities. Luckily, today we have just the right for the coming season. In this festal clothing collection, the apparel that you are going to witness is full of amazing hues and elegant embroideries that nobody would want to miss out on. Today we are sharing one of the best and stylish formal dresses by the brand Nimsay.

Nimsay Stylish Formal Dresses Festal Collection 2020

Ladies! I know the struggle of finding unique, awe-inspiring dresses to carry on every other big celebration- looking into your wardrobe only to find there is nothing new in there is such a disappointment! It’s about time that you put away all your fashion worries aside and take a look at these novel and mesmerizing pieces of apparel in variant styles that are designed perfectly to spark a diva in you!

  • Elegant Gharara Pants:

A decent Gharara pant is all you need to carry to a special celebration. This bronze embroidered shirt with those Gharara pants and dupatta in maroon is a perfect suit to carry to wedding functions. The color scheme is more than phenomenal and goes with a variety of jewelry and footwear.


Crystal Blue:

If you want to feel as fresh as a morning breeze, then this shimmering dress in one of the softest blue shade is what you need to expand your wardrobe. The finely embroidered shirt with a plain trouser in monochrome makes a complete balance. The lacework around the sleeves and borders is what gives this dress a real edge.


Super Cool Angarkha Style:

Ah! What not to love about this dress? I fell for its amazing sleeves at first sight. That delight bronze work on the below sleeves in pale turquoise is a combination that you would never want to miss. The archetypal embroideries on the angrakha shirt are going well with the straight trouser, and the prominent Angarkha cut on the front.

Fuchsia Love

This fresh and vivid color dress is a treat for the sight since the combination of the hues is so satisfying and spellbinding. The fuchsia at the base is looking prettier in the shirt because of the contrasting floral embroideries in orange and shades of pink.


Olive Breeze:

If you are someone who loves to carry light and embroidery free dress which looks equally fancy, then this cute olive frock is the perfect fit for you. The pale olive-green color is enough to give this dress a fancy outlook. And when you combine this shade with intricate embroideries in red, then you get an amazing style to don into.


Ethnic Red:

No festal collection is complete without a traditional red in the series. And this dress is here to make this collection complete with its phenomenal reddish maroon hues, the neckline embroidered, sleeves’ tussles, and a contrast dupatta to top it all off.


Cape Style:

The next dress in this collection has the softest outlook as the apparel is crafted using delicately embroidered net for the cape style shirt, and silk is used for the flared trouser and the inner of the shirt. The long and broad sleeves in net make this dress really unique and must to try.


Evening Blue

The dress is simple and is created with the traditional touch. The embroideries in white around the neckline and the borders are doing justice to the blue silk underneath it. The light net dupatta is adding a perfect balance and grace to this dress.


Magenta in Silk

I admire the fact that this dress in silk is designed so elegantly that it mixes all forms of a traditional style. The broad trouser with a medium length silk shirt and embroidered sleeves does take you back in time.


Classic Rose:

This dress has a rosy appeal in its look. And I love how the designer has used hints of light green here and there in the dress to create a perfect contrast. The lighter shades of green and pink are used in the embroidered and the sleeves.


Prussian Blue:

This dress in monochrome is a bliss designed in silk, and you will look at it for its delicate embroideries. The neckline of the shirt is heavily embroidered in applique, which creates a nice appeal and balance with the plain dupatta and the shalwar. The embroideries in ivory are nicely uplifting the whole look of the shirt.


Magical Plum:

The plum with teal is a combination that you must try for the next big occasion. These hues are so elegant in themselves, and the intricate embroideries that cover most parts of the sleeves and the shirt border make this dress even more sophisticated. The plain trouser and contrasting net dupatta are adding a nice balance.

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Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

Recently released Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Shawl Collection 2020-2021 is what we all were waiting for, together with the flavour of radiant shades and styles. Maria B is one of the most significant labels in the Pakistan fashion industry who is well-known for its outclassed women’s clothing ideas and accessories, who is now operating and the International fashion industry.

Maria b always acquires a huge effective response from the customers/people and everyone is genuinely liking and appreciating her every single design. Maria b launch seasonal as well as occasional collections like summer, fall, eid, evening wear, etc. Here we are going to discuss the latest arrival linen dresses collection consisting of three pieces unstitched women linen suits having jacquard printed and embroidered shirts. Plain trousers, woolen, palachi shawls, and dupattas.

Maria B designs are sure you can die for, the recent linen series is full of sophistication and glam. Each piece has its own charm. The designer created every single piece with much love that is pouring out. Maroon with white goes absolutely great. The embroidered shawls add more grace to this winter line. Maya Ali stuns in the shoot by wearing the spectacular designs. Let’s have a look.

Maria B Latest Winter Linen Dresses Fancy Shawl Collection 2020-2021

These dresses are nourished together with embroidery and Epcot flowery /floral patterns and all these are appearing to be amazing on every skin tone of every age of women whether average or aged. Females can come across in this collection with the latest vibrant colouring techniques and ideas, gentle floral patterns in brilliant tones, fluorescent coloration, and divine edges and borders.

Here I have posted almost all the designs of the Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2020-2021. All these dresses have delicate designs, bold color patterns, and soothing prints best for this winter season. It is now available nationwide as well as you can also order them online through their official website or

Make yourself more lively by wearing cool-hued suits and stay warm. It is an unstitched assortment consisting of fabric from which you can easily make your desired style outfit like short frocks, long kameez, kurtas, etc. The embroidery motifs are so charming and presentable. Have a look at the photo gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest linen dress styles.

The hand-woven shawl with delicate embroideries is perfect to stay warm and stylish this winter. These handwoven shawls are made with pure love and alluring color patterns.

Especially for winter weddings or night functions. You can wear these amazing shawl linen suits to compliment the trend and to keep yourself warm.