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Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Collection 2017-18

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18

The true essence of royalty, grace and divine beauty is best reflected in velvet, Silk, and chiffon. Since 1953 A devoted name has always shown excel in manufacturing, weaving, processing, and delivering the quality products of clothing. Gul Ahmad, Aims the customer satisfaction and best-finished products delivery. The true name of quality and excellence that has enhanced its reach and fashion chain naming the brand, Ideas. Ideas offer made-ups, from home accessories to clothing. It not only provides fashion at great value and satisfaction but also gratifies to various customer desires by serving them with an assorted product mix. the brand has gained a great fame over the globe and has always proven itself to be the best of all in delivering the richest fabric and up to date style because “Being ordinary is out of the Question!” Here we are discussing the latest summer formal dresses trends by Gul Ahmed.

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (2)

Gul Ahmad, Unveiling the royal dignity and graceful beauty has gifted a precious treasury to its loyal customers, namely Gul Ahmed Modern Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Collection, owning a tremendous array of three piece dresses for girls. Silk inner shirt blended with jamawar and trouser, silk dupatta with digital patterns, and an embroidered fancy amazing long gowns from the whole dress. A unique, flawless, and undefeated one!

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (22)

Flattering digital silk makes an ornament worth spending for. The splendid designs by this brand give the grace of silk an outstanding shape, neither one can deny the beauty nor defy the designs. G.pret serves embroidered silk and chiffon style and stone work embellished amazing outfits for formal wear.

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (23)

Gul Ahmed Modern Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Collection 2017-18

No suit in the summer formal dresses collection can make you thrown in the corner, instead, they’ll enhance your sparkle. The party wear and summer formal dresses of silk in the formal summer collection comprise fine digital prints over the rich fabric. Coming towards modern chiffon, understated elegance is best defined in the class array for women to become the center of attraction by the snazzy look and perfect style. Freshness is the best word to define every print and design by the brand.

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (1)

Time for you to get draped in divine beauty, freshness, and royalty; rule the world; and dazzle the surroundings by choosing Gul Ahmad clothing fashion for your style statement. Turning up the world’s fashion sense to a unique and stupendous road, this awesome dresses collection is presented to you in pictures. These dresses are perfect for every age of women’s for this season for there vivid colors and class-full designs. have a look at pictorial demonstration below and get inspired for your summer wearing is now going to be the perfect one!

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (9)

Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (4) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (6) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (7) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (5) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (9) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (8) Gul Ahmed Summer Formal Dresses Silk & Chiffon Premium Collection 2017-18 (10)

Shope this collection@ gulahmedshop

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Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Sick of playing it safe and ordinarily usual in your clothing style? Want to experiment with a slight edge in your new innovative style for uniqueness? Try Asim Jofa’s treasuries! Yeah right, that’s what I’ve got for you today; A new and unique ethnic yet trendy and trendy yet innovative array of flawless designs by Asim Jofa in his  Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018. The name stated here, Asim Jofa, hardly needs an introduction; his designs and new releases of all time speak for him and make him more and more famous every day.

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (15)

Introducing new waves in the fashion community, he focuses on an eastern appeal that the Sub-Continent is recognized for with a modernized aesthetic sense being the signature of this well-known designer. He has been given the International Asian Fashion Awards as the Best Designer Brand in 2012 and has continued being best all the time till now. Asim has fashioned a buzz in the city, showing numerous collections every season and a differently different one in this season too!

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (22)

 Latest Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Time to spot the new and alluring featuring of the  Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection. This fresh array has prints and motifs much inspired by Egyptian art and eastern traditional patterns, and some are African inspired too. The collection whole is a best fit towards your formal wardrobe. Turn out to be a vision to behold in the everlasting classic blend of an Eastern, African and Egyptian art-inspired peculiar alluring printed shirts with fine dynamic and geometric prints.

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (11)

Moreover, these dresses feature beautifully embroidered sleeves, embroidered neckline, bold embroidered panel and back, Ikat motif shirt prints, and border in addition to dyed and printed pants elevate this design to a whole new level. Outfits of this array have the eye-catching amalgam of darker and lighter tones, luminous colors and fresh hues of orange, purple, sky blue, red, royal red, black, brown, green, pink, parrot, white and vibrant yellow.

Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Dresses Collection 2017-2018 (12)

Let your dream outfits touch the reality with these wonderful designs by Asim jofa as this brand focuses on designing the dreams more than an outfit. Something that is going to turn a lot of heads your way in absolute appreciation is coming your way to making your wardrobe a unique one! Have a look at the spectacular and stunning pieces of this outstanding and matchless winter series. Have a look on the below-posted image gallery of this assortment by Pakistan’s Top Designer Asim Jofa and get inspired by the latest designs of the year!

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Indian Wedding Saree Latest Designs & Trends 2017-2018 Collection


Saree in India is the dressing that symbolizes prestige, high-end clothing, married life, and sophistication as well for them. It is thought of as a customer yet elegant wear for the elite class society and ethnic yet feminine for the rest. In such a region there this dressing has its fame and adoption when a today’s lady is about to get married. She would desire a dress that makes her clear identity as Indians yet keeps her the best. And definitely what can be more ethnically modern than the saree style? As Bengali weddings are so centered on this dressing theme, they also have an influence over the Indians. You might have seen celebrities of India wearing sarees at their wedding events as well as at others being attendants. The constant presence of sarees in the fashion designing magazines and wedding albums is what that beats the wearing of other dressing somehow. Today we will discuss the Indian wedding saree designs that are trending now. They include jacquard, silk, georgette, net, chiffon and banarsi sarees.

Indian Wedding Saree Latest Designs & Trends Collection 2017-2018

The Indian wedding saree  collection is what we have got for you this time. Collected from various top fashion magazines, online selling brands, and other top brands of India including the top websites that sell Indian wedding sarees; we have asserted some of the fine, latest and highest rated pieces of designs of this bridal wear.

You’ll be glad to know that the stuff here is just a representative of many high profile fashion houses of India. Sarees in different things like crepe, chiffon, net, silk, satin, banarsi and many other.  With a huge variety of styles and embroideries are all included in this array. A few design from famous fashion designers and few local ones with customized tailoring are also here. A lot for a woman to finalize her bridal dress is posted as pictures with this post.

No matter how much you dream of and make up your mind for how you dream dress for that big day is going to be. It’s somewhere before ordering it for you must know how the recent celeb had it for her wedding or how the latest trends have turned the Indian wedding saree saree to be. So if, with all these issues, you have crashed here; you’re in the right place and right point to scroll down and get the up to minute Indian bridal stuff through the design images attached. We hope it would help! For more stuff over bridal wears and sarees, stay connected with Styles Gap wedding corner.

To Shop these trendy wedding sarees visit:


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Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides Collection 2017


Who’s that blushing cheeks lady surfing the web? Getting married? Or a relative of the future bride is here? Well, you’ve got to the right place. StylesGap is right here to serve you with all the latest trends and designer wear even for your wedding too. So keep trolling through the writing. Here’s the name for you with  Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides.

Yes! It’s Maria B, the name of a worldwide renowned, preferred, and distinct designer brand. Which has always been working to provide excellence to its customers through garments that meet international standards under the observation of well-trained fashion tailors? Weddings and festivals being an essential part of the life need some exclusive assortments for the girls to get dressed up. Focusing on a woman is more important as she is the one who gets all the attention on a wedding day.

Almost all the famous designers launch their newest bridal collections every year serving the brides with a nice and qualitative array and so has always been done by famous and all time working Maria B. Launching casual collections for girls and kids and formal embroidered ones.


How come your wedding can be left ignored by Maria .B. Bridal studio of the brand is located in Lahore, but you can place the order by appointment. So let’s explore this season’s Wedding treasury by the famous untiringly working Brand!

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses by Maria B Brides Latest Collection:

Maria B is popular for creating the mind-blowing wedding dresses for brides all over the world. The latest Pakistani designer dresses trends by Maria B possesses the tremendous pastel hues amazingly.

These dresses are combined and contrasted with a few other tints with heavy stone and beads work. The nice exotic embroidery is done on both front and back of the dresses. It lets you indulge in pastel hues to have an incredible look in soft colors of high-class tradition.

Being a MARIA.B Bride is more than any other one, and this is the way you’d look stunning and best of bests on your special and big day. Shown in the pictures below, is the amazing array of Maria B Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses presenting soft and dark colors for events of a wedding ceremony. That are adorned with the enrichment of the dabka, zari and motifs along with the stone and fancy embroidery.

This collection has long-tailed gowns, frocks, maxi, long shirt/kameez and lehengas featuring sequin works and sober embroidery but all of this is best driven out by Maria as when it’s about her designs, we can’t expect any usual way of executing the dresses.

Top Shop our to book appointment visit: Maria B Official Website


Amazing beads work especially on the back of the outfits and borders with jamawar chiffon and silk fabric boost up the exquisiteness and allure of the dresses making this party wear/ Bridal assortment a “must have” for the upcoming brides. Have a look at the beautiful image gallery posted below and get inspired by the Pakistani designer bridal dresses!

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses

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Zeen By Cambridge Ladies Sweaters & Cardigan Collection 2016-2017


Need warmth while not compromising on style? ZEEN by Cambridge is here to add style to your closet. As the peak days of the frosty season is making every soul shiver, none of your stylings would be complete unless a warm thing is added into it. For the girls, fashion statement still matters so you can’t rely on rough looking, outdated uppers nd taking that into consideration; this designer brand is being presented to you. A tag that has stepped into women clothing line has proven itself to be at a competitive level with all other famous women clothing brands. Cambridge was earlier men’s apparel retailer and then, recently enhanced its vision and formed a women point naming it Zeen.Today we are sharing the latest winter collection of Ladies sweaters and cardigans that will keep you warm as well as stylish this winters!


Continuing with the legacy of Cambridge in quality and modernization, Zeen redefines the clothing for this winter through its spectacular designs. ZEEN–‘Woman of Substance’ is about being original and freely innovative. Cambridge defines Zeen in apparel needs of women of today by fine clothing items at a quality of level best. The National stores of the brand are in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and international one is in the UK. Serving its customers with summer and winter ready to wear and stitched collections, now this brand has launched its winter wear assortment for women in its very own using and graceful style.


Zeen By Cambridge Ladies Sweaters, Hoodies & Cardigan Collection 2016-2017

Zeen By Cambridge Ladies Sweaters & Cardigan Collection 2016-2017 offers a range of stunning winter wear in a variety of latest styles. Some theme pullovers are the Green cardigan with wide ribbed neck and overlapping placket also cropped length; rib trimmed crew neck and cropped for a midriff flaunting Look sweater; silver threaded lilac sweater. V-neck sweater framed with a button and styled with ribbed cuffs and hem; Turtleneck sweater with long sleeves; lace pattern knitted sweaters; woolen one with crisp stripes; Cowl neck and long sleeved pullover; sleeveless cardigan, The Classic loose cardigan in Camel-off, open front geometric pattern cardigan, and sweaters. Moreover, Open front cardigan with three-quarter sleeves, ribbed edges, netted sweater, weaved sweaters with front patterns and much more make this whole new array a superb one.


These nice and delicate winter wear designs are well displayed in the images below. Move down to this post and get drowned in the amazing ones. Oh, wait! It’s winter time; drowning won’t be good, :p better to get draped up in these. Have a look at the below posted amazing designs of winter outerwear and get inspired  😉


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Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns Collection 2016-2017

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015  Fancy Embroidered Collection  (13)

Greeting the fashion freak ladies of the overwrought life and modish world! Better to start the discussion from the age group you belong. If you are a youngster, it’s hard for you to resist the festivity, soiree, and functions; and if you own the prestige of being a grown up mature lady you probably have a strenuous and boring life. O come on! Inside you, you never want it to continue this way. A vital need of change, get together, and celebrations are present in everyone’s life! Updating you with the top trend Styles Gap understands the needs and desires of its loyal and valued visitors and has followed its norms of providing the leading and latest of what is demanded. So is being continued about the party wears through this post. Today we will post some designs of Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns. This assortment is best for every type of lady belonging to the eastern world, like Pakistani girls, Indian women, and other Asian ladies can opt these designs and trends for your formal events, functions, and parties.

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (3)

Making the looks glamorously beautiful, there are numerous designs and styles of dresses for women that keep on changing, increasing, and improving day by day. You must understand the fact that Fashion is what the designers disclose many times in a year but the style is what you pick! The fashion industry has introduced a hell of assortments like long and short shalwar kameez, Anarkali dresses, saree, long front open double shirts, umbrella frocks, pishwas, angarkha style dresses. Other than this floor length frocks, gowns, lehengas, maxi, kaftan, sharara, and many more to make your closet full off but at the end of the day, it’s your choice to choose the best one. Taking into consideration, the most trending ways to dress up.

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (5)

The snazzy and stylish party wear frocks & maxi gowns in chiffon, crepe, silk, net stuff with heavy jamawar border or embroidery and choori bazu paired with churidar pajama in chiffon, silk, and Georgette; and light or heavily embroidered maxi or gowns. Usually open with long tail flattering behind your feet are famous, favored and most adopted style that renders to feminine sparkle, a divine as well as classy beauty to come up with the real gleam!

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (15)

Best Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns Designs 2016-2017 for Girls

In this era’s trends Frocks are increased in length stitched on different cuts like kalli and umbrella cut e.t.c, have massive and lovely falls,  stone and sequence work on neckline, and borders. Same way the gowns and maxis have motifs and embroidery on both front and back, some have it more on the back while the front of the outfit is open cut. These dresses are nourished with stones, glass work, zari work, dabka work, sequin art, motifs, color patterns paired with dyed dupatta.

They are embellished more with incredible length from backside forming a tail, or they can be without this tail-extension as well. Keeping in front of you, the closer view of these wears, it’s time to unveil some outstanding and glamorous pieces of Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns ready to snatch your heart and to let you be perfectly dressed up for your parties Because of life… is a party! 😉

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (41)

Party Wear Frocks & Maxi Gowns Designs By Jannat Nazir

Latest Best Party Wear Frocks & Gowns for Women 2014-2015 Fancy Embroidered Collection (45)




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Orient Textiles Embroidered & Printed Latest Winter Dresses 2016-17


Winter  has arrived, and ladies are looking for a stylish wardrobe that doesn’t let their style go down and also protects from cold. Styling in summer and mid seasons is much easier [highlight]as compared to winter, in eastern styles and culture because for western it’s easy to stay stylish in winter by carrying a stylish sweater with a small cap or muffler, but in our society, norms differ, we wear shalwar qamiz, almost 90% of Asians. Where dressed in a  Jersey or sweater covers up the style, Our designer industry has seen this and every year in every season and occasion they provide our vast variety of elegant, stylish outfits that never let our shine dim no matter what the season is, in both unstitched and ready-to-wear dressing articles.Orient Textiles are one of the famous brands in providing unstitched clothing articles. Today we will discuss Orient Textiles Latest Winter Dresses Collection 2016-2017.


They Started working in 2000 from Karachi, gradually by making their base strong they stepped in the international arena, their aim was to exceed the expectations of their customers and setting a high standard for them. This industry is a smooth highway between cotton growers to the end clients, facilitating each and everybody involved in it.They provide the full range of clothing items covering all the areas and occasions, It’s not a designer brand, but It is a brand .which really have an existence in the market.


Orient Textile Latest Winter Dresses Collection 2016-2017

Orient Textile’s Latest winter dresses Collection launched a few days ago is now available at its online official website for sale.And it is introduced with the name “Orient Textiles winter romanza & digital printed” This is now available at stores and markets. Orders can also be placed on the official website. This brand doesn’t need any introduction because it’s a renowned and famous for the fabricated products.It’s also an international brand; they export their articles to foreign countries like Dubai, UK, Abu Dhabi, Canada, USA and Australia for the Asian people who has moved there, and as well for their natives who like to wear dresses by this textile industry.


Orient Latest Winter Dresses Embroidered Winter Romanza Collection 2016-17

Orient Textiles has presented a very elegant, fashionable and gorgeous maintaining the decent factor in this collection using the Khaddar, linen, and cottel Fabric. These are most commonly considered an off-fashion stuff.This range includes Un-stitched dresses of Khaddar adding shirts, sleeves with embroidery, also with light embroidery work on the border of shirts, etc., which are both hand and machinery embroidered. Dresses are available in 1 piece, only shirt, two pieces, shirt and trousers/shalwar, and three pieces with dupatta included.It has heavy prints, which are still very attractive and striking to eyes. Dupattas in a collection are also of khaddar, linen, etc. which is more manageable and stays crease free as compared to pashmina, as to block cold pashmina is used but it dims the elegance, and if soft and light stuff is used it makes us shiver. Shalwars are plain and one colored-dyed, either matching or contrasting. We hope you will like these latest winter dresses. Have a look at this collection.


Orient Latest Winter Dresses Digital Printed Collection 2016-17


The beautiful digital printed shirts will add glamor to your winters. You can also buy stitched as well as unstitched shirts. Like other collections, this brand has decided a unique look by all the bright and bold colors with prints and motives on a warm fabric that is comparatively more comfortable to carry the style. Digital printed shirts can pair up with tulips, straight pants or trousers. Floral, tribal art, screening, blocks, polka dots, abstract art are also done upon the shirts. Have a look at the image gallery posted below and got inspired by the latest winter dresses designs.



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NAQSH Stylish & Decent Men Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Designs

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

For years, men have been associated with working very hard daily and wandering around making the families grow with ease. Here today we are coming up with a beautiful collection of men kurtas and shalwar kameez by a Pakistani popular brand; that is popular in India, Bangladesh and in whole south Asia. Considering styles for them for granted is perhaps ignoring the precious asset of the nation from being entertained with something valued. Men in the busy life of this era are equally participating in building the world of fashion. In fact, they are the ones visiting different places;  facing the world; meeting new people;  making new deals every day and yes! of course the ones having fun too and taking all such things in consideration, They are the real souls needing an impression show up!

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

Need a break from the frustration of tough routine? You’re going to get it with the upcoming joyful events. Stylesgap understands that you don’t have enough time left to stroll in the malls not to buy but just to find out the best outfit to wear on this your eid events or others keeping your style on the perfect track. And working for this cause I’ve been presenting many of the clothing trends. Being Brand Conscious makes you more confused? If yes then you must consider the top most, well known and internationally favored brand Nishat Linen! It’s not that the brand has always worked for women!

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

This famous name is spreading its unbeatable sparkle in both gents and ladies clothing.As It is glowingly spreading its departments in all the country and overseas to foster the style you’ll find it nationwide familiar one. Nishat Linen has kept on launching its men’s wear alluring collections namely NAQSH. This flawless collection offers season based dresses periodically keeping an eye on design sensibilities. Using all the expertise and the art of technology the famous and foremost name aims to deliver the excellence beyond the borders, making the loyal and true fashionable hearts to fall in love with.And Naqsh is an amazing unspoken sample of this zeal!

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

Latest Naqsh Men Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2016-2017

Naqsh Men Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2016-2017  unveils a whole new embellished trend for young boys/ gents possessing unique cuts, Embroidery, back motifs, pocket work, detailing on chest shoulders back, etc. Awesome eye-catching, elegant, sober as well as bright and fresh colors. Conferred in the images listed, is the marvelous variety that lets your personality stand out and lets you introduce yourself as the center of attention to make a fine impression on a whole crowd.

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

The whole collection is best for simple to stylish boys and decent to modern men. The Indian Eastern blends are treated in a very fine manner with the glimpse of some western flavor. People were searching Pakistani and Indian culture Wear Dresses for men have a look on the below collection, it must be helpful and satisfying for them!

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

Rush to your nearest store to get your excellent elegance or visit the Estore of Nishat linen, browsing through menu Naqsh and selecting Eid Fancy Collection you will find this array to be shopped online. Have a look on the image galery posted below and get inspired by the wonderful designs of men kurtas & shalwar kameez 🙂

NAQSH Stylish and Decent Men Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Latest Collection for Men by Nishat Linen

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Stylish Mehndi Designs Collection for Weddings & Parties

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndihenna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties@stylesgap (7)

Decorating hands, arms, and feet with a natural and oldest cosmetic “Mehndi” has been in trend since centuries…Mehndi is considered to be always the most noticeable and preferred thing by ladies of Asia. An Asian embellishment that has now spread itself over the globe. In ancient times, women were not so familiar with different designs and techniques to apply those, but in this age, every girl has got a lot of ideas and internet off course, where they keep on uploading what they’ve got and stuck to searching and downloading whatever is needed to them. Aren’t you here for the same purpose? If yes then you are surely landed on a helpful and exact platform for henna guidance.

Every women needs a right kind of mehndi

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndihenna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties@stylesgap (5)

Henna designs have many different types like Pakistani, Arabian, and Indian designs with their distinct theme styles and strokes being faithfully a part of every tradition. It is considered the foremost thing in a makeover of every wedding, mangni engagement, and party, Not only for your wedding or such ceremonies but also for attending these parties… Summing up, You could think of it as a life-giving part of every event’s styling!

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndihenna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties@stylesgap (10)

The Designs varying from less filled to heavily filled ones have millions of decorating patterns increasing the variety every day.

Making bracelets, rings, bails, round tikki, floral patterns; adding glitters, stones, sequences, and colors to the designs; and formulating many many more of artistry women enhance their beauty by fine detailing and nice fresh designs.

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndihenna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties@stylesgap (4)

Every woman has her very basic right to look pretty and stylish and for this sake Nothing more than an attractive design, a quality cone mehndi and neatness in your hand is required to form a fine and unique looking style without visiting the beauty parlors on every occasion. The beauticians usually make us wait a lot and instead of paying to them for your styling do it yourself when all you need is available to you all the time. So it’s done that woman’s any formal event is incomplete without Mehndi. Try out these Easy Mehndi Ideas at your parties, wedding ceremonies, functions, events, etc.

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndi/henna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties (16)

Latest Styles of Mehndi Designs for Weddings & Parties 2015-2016

Unbinding the huge exciting HD collection of amazing, unbeatable images of latest Stylish Mehndi/henna for weddings and parties below I give you a closer look at the neat impressions and patterns to cherish every event of yours while maintaining understated beauty and classy yet traditional look. Have a look and apply yours following these and adding your very own style to show up your inner skill hidden from the world and just waiting for you to bring that out! 🙂

New Stylish & Perfect Mehndihenna Designs Collection Easy to Try for weddings and parties@stylesgap (9)

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Jimmy Choo Stylish Ladies Shoes, Bags and Accessories Collection

Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (39)

Summers are on the way, and again the shopping mode is on! The very important thing that is enlisted to be the must have things every season after clothes are shoes. Yes, shoes of the season, we wear ankle boots, covered heels in winter and summer becomes a little bit airy and open. Such drastic changes in fashion make us shop more. Women of every age are conscious about their looks, clothing, makeup, footwear, accessories, bags, each and every little detailing of their look.

That’s why the brands are here, to take care of every minute detail of your stylish looks every day. There are numerous brands of foot wears, clothing and other things in the world, but some of them manage to have a distinct name in the fashion industry, who themselves are the fashion icons. Here in this post we are discussing shoes and accessories, so with the name of these articles one name clicks on mind and that JIMMY CHOO obviously. Jimmy Choo is like a spell in the fashion industry, A British fashion house specialized in shoes, accessories, and fragrances.

Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (23)

This brand was founded in 1996 and after, worked in London in initial two years and then spreaded itself in U.S And had its roots strengthen in the major branches of Asian countries in 2010 and 2011. And now there are over 100 stores of Jimmy Choo in America and Asia, and is one of the most illuminated names of brands on the fashion runway. This brand has been providing most stylish and modern shoes to fashion lovers; that’s why women of all ages are found crazy for having Jimmy Choo in their closets.

Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (19)

Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2016-2017

This Brand has recently launched its summer collection of 2016. Covering a wide line of shoes and accessories. So let’s talk about the collection, Jimmy Choo has more fame in “Heels” but it designs, flats, pumps, boots, etc. also. It’s a casual, semi-formal as well as a formal brand; it provides articles for every day and event.

Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (16)

This collection envisions stylish heels, joggers, pumps and flats as well in very bright and classy colors like turquoise, yellow, indigo, black, cream, and white, etc. Coming towards the accessories; the clutches and bags are beautifully decorated with diamantes, and multi-color motifs making them more classy and formal, leather bags, and light jewelry items comprising of pearls, delicate chains, bracelets, rings, earrings and ear cuffs as well. Casual collection is also drastically eye-catching in blue, black, and cream colored elegant clutches, having patterns like jeans, zebra, tiger and plain designs, etc. this collection is really worth having it in your shoe closet and jewelry boxes.


Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (28)


Jimmy Choo Latest Ladies Shoes, Trendy Handbags & Accessories Collection 2015-2016 (26)

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CHANEL spring-summer haute couture ready to wear dresses

Christian Dior Spring Summer Dresses Fashion Show for Women 


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