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Latest Peplum Tops Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection

As cute as they look, peplum tops are the bliss of every fashion industry. Inspired from its western origin, peplum tops are fused with great new possibilities of designing in Pakistan. Latest Peplum tops are given new identity and name, in an eastern part of the world, here you can carry peplum style shirts with all range of bottoms, skirts, lehengas, trousers, pants and jeans etc. Embroideries moreover give an extra edge and beauty to these, which enhances the outlook of its pretty flares. Unlike frocks, peplums are million times smarter in looks yet demand perfect combinations of cuts and stitches, else it would ruin the entire piece of couture.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection

With the sun of this New Year, the fashion industry here too will be flooded with distinctive new designs of peplum tops and even more appealing than the last year. All such trends are under the spotlight here, let’s dive a little deeper into its latest fashion insight. Following are most popular trends of the peplums, which are going to be the hit of the season.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (1)


Whether it be the latest Maria.B couture or collection by Zainab chottani or all the other eminent designers, peplum tops are specially designed with the perfectly complementing bell bottoms. Both are a bell in style, thus give you a combo. The formal version of such couture carries brightly embroidered peplums with plain silk bell bottoms. While if you looking for something more casual than border printed peplums with pretty white bell bottoms will do great.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (13)


Imagine, when you combine both the popular trends of the year, it will definitely lead you to nothing but a fine fashion masterpiece. Peplum tops with tulip pants are the nothing but sophistication in style. These tops beautifully designed using intricate thread work embroideries matching with the embellishments over the pants. Most peplums are coupled with plain with tulip pants, crafted with side white pearls matching to the embroidery work over the tops. The work on these tops covers the flares and the neckline.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (4)


The latest of all the lehenga and skirts trends include pairing them with the pretty peplum top. Even all the recent bridal photo shoots of the famous clothing lines revealed how amazing peplums look with flared and full of volume skirts and lehengas. Plain monochromatic peplum frocks are the couple with the printed multihued skirts. These are given more alluring finish with the use of waist belts over.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (1)


The ever loved casual styling using peplum frocks involves a wild range of colors and cuts. These tops are available in net, georgette, chiffon and silk. These dresses are designed in fresh appealing hues with very little or no embroidery at all. Belts or without belts, peplums with jeans and trousers looks gorgeous and adds the hint of modernity into it. For winters especially if you carry peplum top with half jeans jacket and pant, you will definitely win all the gazes and praises.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (20)

With Sharara pants:

The Sharara pants, shalwars, and trousers are very famous nowadays. They can be paired with short shirts, frocks, gowns, capes, etc. But the best match for them is peplum tops. They look so cute as well as chic to wear on weddings.

Peplum Tops Latest Designs & Styles 2017-2018 Designer Collection (3)

Heavily Embroidered Peplums:


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Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men Women 2017-2018 by Bonanza

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men Women 2017-2018 by Bonanza

Bonanza, a most prominent icon of fashion and textile industry. This brand is becoming popular and famous not in Pakistan but in abroad also due to its quality stuff and level. It is one the world’s fastest leading brand in textile and fabrics. Bonanza always gains a sustainable and exceptional response from its customers nationally as well as internationally. Now this time, this brand released  Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men Women by Bonanza. This winter it has presented a wide range of winter outfits including Sweaters, Zippers, Jackets, Shirts, shawls, Jumpers, long coats etc.

Bonanza is well-known for its best fabric quality and st everyone need of sweaters or coats he/she always think about Bonanza. Their winter outfits are very comfy to wear like no other brand can match or even compare with their level and quality. They are providing sober, comfortable and stylish sweaters in this collection. This time they are dealing with new of varieties for men and women. These sweaters are perfect for casual and formal type and can be adopted by every age group, young or old including male and female. The collection available in stores, anyone can easily find these fabulous outfits from their outlets. Get this collection and makes your winter perfect, comfortable and warm.

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men Women 2017-2018 by Bonanza

In winter, we want something stylish as well as affordable. All these winter outfits and sweaters are available at very reasonable prices and discounts.   So go hurry and grab it before it goes sold out. we must want something different and valuable that fulfills our needs, the collection recently launched by Bonanza includes each and everything which you are desiring for. Yes, this is for you, having the wide range of winter garments which sounds more classy and adds more glamor to your personality. Today, I am posting all the new arrivals for you. Check them view them and select them according to your desires and needs. I hope you will enjoy the arrival.

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men

Check out the beautiful winter outfits and sweaters for men. The stylish zippers will make your day in this cold weather. If you like wearing full sleeve outfits then go for the beautiful sweaters. They come up in decent color patterns and styling.

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Men 2017-2018 by Bonanza (1)

Head Scarves & Shawls for Women

The winter scarves and mufflers are made up of fine quality stuff. That is perfect for winter season. In this cold season cover up your heads with these stylish head scarves. They have beautiful prints and alluring designs. They come up in different attracting colors and styles. I hope you will love buying them. You can wear them with casual dressing like jeans, tops, etc. As well as with the formal shalwar kameez suits.

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Women

Latest Winter Outfits & Sweaters for Women 2017-2018 by Bonanza (1)

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Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers – Hit List

Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List

A bridal dress is no charm if it is not well designed under the signature label of a famous fashion designer. A dress turns into a masterpiece if it is crafted by a fine expert. No bride would want to ruin her big day look by experimenting something new. Every girl goes for the original designer wear or designer inspired apparels. As many eminent designers are out there. So it gets a pain in a neck to decide for one. So today we have narrowed the bridal couture pieces designed by India’s finest fashion designers. Who have skills not less than any marvel. Let’s check out the Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers.

Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List

Below we will discuss the top ten most famous and best Indian designers who design the perfect wedding outfits. Let’s go.

Manish Malhotra:

Manish Malhotra is the king of Indian fashion. His latest bridal dress designs include all range of styles, be it lehengas choli, wedding gowns, shararas, sarees or gararas. His collection of fabrics worth of all appraisal here, as he always goes for something vibrant yet mellow and elegant. The work in zardozi, dabka, sequin, tilla, applique in gold, beige, and silver all is magnificent to try as a combo.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1) Manish Malhotra-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Being traditional was never been this charming before, Sabyasachi selection of brilliant red, crimson orange and fresh pink shades always give her bridal couture a traditional Indian outlook. It’s tons of sparkling work all over it.

Sabyasachi-Mukherjee-Top 10 Famous & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers (3) Sabyasachi-Mukherjee-Top 10 Famous & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers (1)

Ritu Kumar

a burst of colors and volume is another name for Ritu Kumar’s latest bridal collection. All of her bridal dresses are enriched with royal pink, red, orange and faun. The volume of banarsi and jamawar fabric is making these lehengas luminous and vibrant. The jamawar patterns in gold are unique in themselves which are enhance by the embossed embroideries in dabka, zari, and zardozi.

Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3) Ritu Kumar- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Neeta Lullu:

if any bride gets to wear Neeta’s latest collection she is surely going to take home all of the praises. As exquisite as it looks, Neeta’s latest collection provides ease with style. All these embellishments in dabka and zardozi are quite light in weight though concentrated more on the lehenga and lesser on the top.

Neeta Lullu- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Neeta Lullu- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Tarun Tahiliani:

Tarun Tahiliani is another name of fame of India’s fashion industry, Tarun creates magic when he put together his mind and creativity to design any bridal collection. His latest bridal collection is full of diverse shades of red, either in silk, in chiffon and jamawar. His silk lehenga collection with embellished dupattas are tempting.

Tarun-Tahiliani-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3) Tarun-Tahiliani-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (4)

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are presenting this year one of the finest bridal collection with the extra twist of variant color combinations and diversity of embellishments all mixed together into single pieces of apparels.

Abu jani & Sandeep Khosla- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Abu jani & Sandeep Khosla- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (3)

Shantanu & Nikhil

Shantanu and Nikhil are included in the list of top 10 best Indian bridal dresses designers. always manage to create something high profile, pretty gowns with fancy glaring embroideries. The gowns in their latest bridal collection are magnificent with multiple panels and flares with shimmering cut and sequin work all over.

shantanu-and-nikhil-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) shantanu-and-nikhil-Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

J J Valaya

Valaya’s bridal collection is full of variety, gowns, rocks, lehengas and sarees all is fused into one collection to present you the best of the choices. These are embellished with heavy border work and thread work over delicate net fabrics and work of tilla in gold.

J J Valaya- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1) J J Valaya- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2)

Rocky S

Rockey’s designs even amaze the great Indian celebrities so much that most of them love to carry his label to their weddings. Rockey’s bridal dress designs are worth opting for your big day. As they upgrade your look with shinning lively colors.

Rocky S- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (2) Rocky S- Top 10 Popular & Best Indian Bridal Dresses Designers- Hit List (1)

Wendell Rodrick

Wendell is included in the list of best Indian bridal dresses designers. that one Indian fashion designer who is acknowledged on the international pedestal for his different and unique designs of bridal dresses. His designs are far from traditional, his taste is heavily inspired from western fashion trends. His collection, therefore, contains fancy gowns in net and chiffon with layers of fabrics and sparkling light embellishments. White and soft peach or beige these are the hues which remained under the focus.

Wendell Rodrick’s (2) Wendell Rodrick’s (1)

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Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers


Dresses designed for brides are not mere apparels but the emblem of our culture and tradition. Especial skills are required to turn such apparels into the must haves for all the girls out there. Therefore some of the most skillful designers bring out the best in them to design an entire range of mesmerizing bridal dress. So don’t get caught up in your thoughts deciding for the best bridal apparel by the best fashion label, as we have narrowed down the list of top ten Pakistani bridal designers dresses and brought their latest bridal wear collection for the year. Let’s check Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers.

Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers

Below is the list of Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers. That includes Fahad hussayn, sana safinaz, maria b, Nomi Ansari, etc. This list will help you in selecting the appropriate designer to design your bridal outfits. You can also copy the designs from these designers to customize your wedding dress.

10. Fahad Hussayn:

Fahad’s bridal collections are never seen in monochrome, always a splash of variant colors is there to amaze you. Even those bridals lehengas he crafts carries several panels in contrasting colors, purple with rust, orange with pink and hazel etc. If it is as soft as white then such Valima bridal dresses are coupled with colorful embroideries in thread and pearl work.


9. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer (Sana Safinaz):

Is there one thing for which Sana Safinaz is famous for, is the fine intricate unique embellishment thrown all over the bridal apparels designed under this label. The latest of their bridal dresses are again sparkling with the shimmers of zari, dabka, zardozi and cut work.



8. Asifa & Nabeel:

Asifa and Nabeel have given new name to simplicity special when it comes to bridal dresses. Their new bridal collection is simply more than awesome. This pastel faun dress with white silver and ivory embellishments will make you skip a beat when you see it with pretty red chiffon dupatta. Similarly green is coupled with the same soft touch.


7. Maria B:

Maria.B’s bridal collection are among most bought bridal apparels in the country. Her designs are close to more traditional Pakistani outlook. Heavy long lehengas with the bunch of flares and heavily embroidered shirts in red, pink and other refreshing hues are all there in her latest bridal couture of this wedding season.


6. Deepak Perwani:

Deepak Perwani ultimate creativity is again the highlight in his latest bridal dresses. These dresses are crafted in pure elegance. Peach, pink, ivory, faun and crimson red these are hues you can look for in this collection. Unique floral embroideries over good quality chiffon and georgette are making this collection even more exclusive.Unique floral embroideries over good quality chiffon and georgette are making this collection even more exclusive.



5. Mehdi:

Mehdi’s bridal dresses have always remained the pride of the fashion ramps. He even started his fashion career with the bridal wear. As of today his experience and skills speak for themselves through the crispy bold bridal designs of his recent collection.


4. Karma:

Yes, Karma is another big name of our fashion world. Maheen Kardar the real brains behind the label has always been creating magic out of those fabrics. The latest bridal collection by karma is again complementing the diversity of fashion designs with the range of sarees, heavily embellished lehengas, shararas, gararas, and gowns.

karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-2 karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1

3. Umar Sayeed:

Umer Sayeed always goes for something out of the box, he uses the same combination of embellishments but always creates variety. The bridal wear theme for this year is always different from the rest, magenta, burgundy, plum, grey, pista green and tea pink are kept under the focus for traditional style shararas and gararas.


2. Nomi Ansari:

Being one of the Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers, Nomi’s bridal wear collection also worth several praises. He crafts masterpiece for your big day. The latest of Nomi’s bridal collection comprises of multi-layered lehengas with long shorts or heavy gowns, all covered in heavy work of zari and zardozi.


1. HSY:

HSY’s unprecedented fashion career has indeed moved us all greatly. His latest bridal couture is going to move you more. Jamawar, chiffon, silk, georgette and velvet there is a combo of all dipped into gold and silver and adorned with heavy work of banarsi, zari, dabka, zardozi, pearls and cutwork.


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Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants 2017-18 Trend


This season the styling trend has just begun to get funkier with all the latest bell bottom designs. You heard it right! Bell bottoms are back in the game and going to excite you with the variety of designs being launched with all sorts of tops and shirts. Whether we admit it or not, but bell bottoms do have a unique decent outlook, bringing out the real smartness out of you. Gone are the days when you only used to see plain bottom flared bell bottoms in cotton and silk, today our most eminent designers have taken these to a new level of style. The latest series of bell bottoms crafted are full of decent alluring embellishments, bordered tussles, floral side prints, side embedded motifs, silky shine and laced with net work. Today we will discuss Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants.


Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants

The range of embellished bell bottoms is perfect to pair with your party wear dresses. These are either designed in silk or Jamawar. Either of them is moreover adorned with work of Zari or threadwork in ivory or white. Popular luxury pret collections by Maria b. and Zainab chottani, show the wide range of vibrant colors in bell bottoms. All the embellishments are kept contrasting to the base colors, black over maroon, silver over black, ivory over purple, which indeed look magnificent.


Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants by Designers:

The casual pieces of bell bottoms are much more simple and plain in outlook, with little or no embellishment at all. These are crafted in cotton, linen, silk or soft velvet. Some are beautifully printed with prominent floral patterns around the borders and the sides. Some of these comprise of parallel net laces or broad border laces at the bottom ends of the trouser. Crochet laces are also attached in white series of bell bottoms.

Here is the sneak peak of all the latest cuts and designs of lovely bell bottoms, designed by Pakistan’s Top notch fashion artists.


Asim Jofa’s pret collection is full of exciting yet soft hues and designs. Its bell bottoms collection consists of two different varieties.  One for formal party wears and the other is somewhat simpler. But all are entirely designed in silk, which looks appealing to sight with any type of top you carry.



Sania Maskatiya bell bottoms are unique in their styling, due to the simple touch of pastel shades in white, light brown and faun. These are more fanned at the bottom while around the knee there is a sharp curve which makes these look smarter.



Maria B bell bottoms collection is full of richness in terms of designs, the entire collection carries adornments, printed flowers and lace work.



Like always, Zainab Chottani fine fashion sense reflects well through her latest bell bottom designs. These have certain royal and regal touch in terms of their embellishments.



Latest Pakistani Dresses Styles Pairing Bell Bottom Pants by Sana Safinaz’s is full of bold hues and designs. On one hand, you can see soft golden work over white base while on the other there are heavy golden embellishments seen over a combination of black and dark blue.


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Beauty Tips and Health FitnessSkin Care

Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- MM Project by SZABIST Students


Ayesha Ajaz is a Pakistani beauty blogger, studying business from a renowned business institution. Talking about makeup and beauty absolutely enchants Ayesha. She will feel contented and fortunate to help you all beauties with my reviews and tutorials. 


Ayesha and her group has started a media management project that includes a beauty brand, Capri. The campaign is about to aware ladies and young girls about their skin. Every girl is beautiful in her own ways. Just you have to do a little care of your skin to be beautiful. Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin- MM Project by Ayesha Ajaz is a good step to make the women courageous and comfortable in their own skin.


The real brain behind the campaign, Ayesha, is the same view that “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” Being a beauty blogger, she has been spreading the message through many platforms including her beauty blogs and Instagram. Even her prescribed makeup techniques are close to natural outlooks. Her motive is only to keep it simple and close to reality.

Comfort In Your Own Skin with Capri- Media Management Project by SZABIST Students

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

One’s individuality defines the diversity and beauty of nature. Looking pretty and alluring doesn’t really demand layers of foundation and tons of makeup but it all lies in mere simplicity. It is however quite saddening and unfortunate that as we are advancing in development of cosmetic products and techniques we are more deviating from the natural ways of attaining beauty, girls spend hours putting on several layers of foundations, primers, contours, blushes, shimmers and much more, just to attain that confidence to move around in the society. What most of us aren’t aware of, is that confidence is built within, it is admiring you that way you are being created.


Propagating same message and idea among the people of Pakistan, a team of students from Szabist has set out on a mission to help you believe in yourself and your natural looks. “Comfort In your own Skin-Capri” is a great initiative to make you believe in yourself. They have been carrying out major interactive activities in this regard to instigate the use of natural beauty soap “Capri” bringing live to your natural skin. Stop listening what the world tells you or what media demonstrates through those fashion walks, magazines, and shows, it is all a part of reality which is nothing but mediated and fake.

Open up your mind and embrace your skin, it is beautiful and perfect. No one needs to lighten it up using those skin damaging, whitening, vanishing creams. Trust me! All those cream can make vanish, is your own individuality. Either it’s dark or tan, your skin color doesn’t require alterations, it is perfect the way it is. Let the world shine with your glare and do not hide it behind the covers of your makeovers. Nourish it well and keep it hydrated, that is all you need to do. And what could be more suitable than using Capri soap to hydrate your skin, it fairly smoothens it while keeping its natural moisture.


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Latest Pakistani Cape Style Dresses 2017-2018 Top Designer Collection


Dresses with capes have always been fascinating for everyone, it adds up to the grace of a dress and looks more royal in outlook. Well, capes were merely an idea until recent days, where the long gone trend is being revived using many different styles. Now capes are seen everywhere, with casual outfits, wedding dresses, lehengas, sarees, skirts, trouser with shirts and even over jumpsuits. Most of the capes are designed to be worn over the dress while others are fused with the shoulders of the shirt, in both ways, it looks equally appealing. There are many ways in which you can design a suitable cape for your dress depending on the style you are carrying. Let’s dive into more detail to find out more. Today we will discuss the Latest Pakistani cape style dresses in detail.


Latest Pakistani Cape Style Dresses 2017-2018 Top Designer Collection

We have selected beautiful collection of designer cape style dresses. The designers include Sania Maskatiya, Zainab Chottani, Fahad Hussayn, Erum Khan, etc. That is for casual, formal and wedding wear events. Have a look at the below-posted image galleries.



These dresses are the epitome of elegance and simplicity, designed using varied fabrics in chiffon, net, velvet, georgette, and organza. These capes are kept simple without any significant embellishments. Rarely some small motif in threadwork can be seen. Such capes are mostly monochromic in theme or either printed with contrasting patterns.


These capes can be worn over jeans tops, tunics, and casual medium length shirts. Dresses with skirts and crop tops are also designed using a gorgeous cape. This cape style dresses simply to complement the print and color of the skirts. For plain jumpsuits, capes are usually designed with bold prominent prints in chiffon.



These dresses include the range of tops with trousers, pants, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, and skirts. Such dresses can be carried every now and then over some special occasion. The capes are designed magnificently keeping the balance of embroideries and hues. The colors are kept soft, enchanting and refreshing at the same time. Wok in white, silver, beige, ivory and graphite gray highlights the cuts and borders of the designed cape. The embroidery work is either split into neckline or border area or consist of delicate small motifs or botis spread all over the cape.



These party cape dresses are basically the blend of two, which are flooded with embroideries but in a decent way. Swirls of delicate sparkly patterns of adornments can be seen around the neckline of the capes and at the borders. The length of the capes is kept long matching the length of the party maxi and gowns. Chiffon and net are the most preferred choice of the fabric for these capes. The addition of light embroidery around the lower border of the cape creates an enticing charm into it.



If there is a wedding event ahead and you certainly want to carry this cape style around then you need not worry at all, as hundreds of cape designed wedding suits are crafted to lighten up your celebrations. These capes are coupled with shararas, gararas, lehenga choli, wedding gowns, frocks, and maxis. Such capes are heavily embellished using the work of Dabka, Zari, and Zardozi and cut work. Such capes in chiffon carry heavy yet intricate embroidery work all over it borders in golden and ivory. Use of pearl work is also quite common these days.


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Latest Bridal Gowns Trends & Designs Collection 2017-2018


Asian bridal fashion is very famous in the whole world due to their unique trends of decorating the bride in all ways she deserves to be decorated. The fashion trends in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. are well popular and adopted in the whole globe. The are many types of wedding wear dresses for women including, Anarkali frocks, lehenga Kurti/ Choli, shararas, ghagras, double shirts, fancy gowns and much more. Recently in Asian fashion, the bridal gowns are introduced by many designers of our country. Sharing too many posts related to wedding dresses for men & women. Now here is another fantastic post for you people to make your big day more memorable & elegant by delighting it with the best outfit. Today we will discuss the latest bridal gowns trends for barat, walima and mehndi functions. Gown in bridal dresses is now becoming a very popular trend & young girls are very interested in gowns for weddings so this collection I am going to show today consists of different designs of gowns.This post includes a variety of wedding dresses for walima, barat, mayun, mehndi functions. Many famous fashion designers of Pakistan fashion industry took part in bridal fashion weeks and displayed wedding dresses, so I took the idea from their presentations that gown is becoming very popular among bridals.


These outfits are work of different creativity. The bridal outfits displayed by designers were of mayon, mehndi, barat & reception outfits; all are included in this collection. If we see the brides usually wear lehengas & shararas but these days we see brides wearing gowns along lower lehnga adorned with different embroidery works of Dabka, beats, zari work. The color combination is of mix one, consisting of both dark and light colors like Red, Orange, peach, green, sky blue, off-white, light pink, etc.


Latest Bridal Gowns Trends & Designs Collection 2017-2018 for Wedding Brides

My personal liking about wedding dresses work is the work of zari because they are unique, elegant, and a few people know about it. If you are the girls who are near future bride, then you must know about all this information about Latest Asian fashion bridal gowns collection and see the pictures I am displaying.

Barat Latest Bridal Gowns


Walima Latest Bridal Gowns


As wedding day is the most special day in anyone’s life. And she has to look breathtaking and different than anyone. So, why not make the beginning of new life a charming start. So, bridal has all rights to look gorgeous than anyone on this day of her life and be the center of everyone’s attention. Indeed, there are many other things that play a major role in bridal look as jewelry, makeup, shoes, etc. also are important, but bridal dress plays the most dominating role.


These latest bridal dresses consist of colors like red, green, peach, skin, off-white, purple, etc. but I like red color in gowns or lehnga the most. So, have a look at these fabulous dresses from Latest Asian fashion wedding gowns collection.  See the latest designs to make your wedding amazingly beautiful. So, young girls! Want to become a stunning bride? Here is the key to your beauty. Just have a look at the image gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest designs. Hope you will love these eye-catching bridal gowns. Thank you.


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Asim Jofa Luxury Pret Formal Wear Dresses Designs 2017-2018 Collection


The quest for latest pret designs would never end for most of the fashion lovers. And with no doubt, our wardrobes for the season seem to be incomplete without a pretty luxury pret collection, designed under the eminent clothing label. So the news of Asim Jofa’s latest luxury pret collection will alleviate the level of your excitement. His finest luxury pret formal wear Dresses collection has now hit the stores and ready to become the part of your personal formal collection. The price range starts from Rs25000 and goes high up with the quality of its designs and fabrics used. Let’s dive into more details of the best apparels chose from this stunning luxury formal dresses collection.

Asim Jofa Luxury Pret Formal Wear Dresses- Latest Designs & Styles

The price range starts from Rs25000 and goes high up with the quality of its designs and fabrics used. Let’s dive into more details of the best apparels chose from the formal dresses collection. The styles and designs of this luxury collection will leave your minds a charm. And you can’t get over it without buying. The luxury dresses are best for your formal wardrobes.

If you want to purchase these outfits then visit:


This lilac-hued peplum top is the epitome of beauty with style. The embroidery in zari and sequence work around the borders of its necklines, front open, Daman and armholes is the sheer delight which is amplifying the outlook of the dress up to many folds. It perfects for day or evening events, as it is light and soft yet neatly created. The top looks more amazing with same colored raw silk cigarette pants with a nice finish at the bottom.



This luxury pret formal wear dresses assortment offers you two variant sets of shirts in organza. Both are crafted with nice and decent embellishments. A bunch of patterns is blended to create that inspiring look. Workaround neckline, daman, and sleeves comprise of thread work along with sequence and zari work. One of the shirts is paired with pretty raw silk tulip pant while other in jacquard organza is paired with a cigarette pant in the same shade.


Set two draping gowns are seen in the latest luxury pret formal dresses collection which has the ultimate burst of colors in them. Both are designed using the net fabrics with embellishments over it and a plain camisole underneath. Both the gown are coupled with the pants which have embroideries in golden. The black net draping gown carries decorations in burgundy, tea pink and green.
While the other one carries the shades of pink and burgundy.


The sleeveless turquoise shirt in this series is the delight for the season with the combination of pink and golden applique work over it. The applique work is more focused around the neckline and the hemline. It’s raw silk pants bear more significance due to that alluring embroidery crafted over it in golden and pink. Check out more!




The night parties and events, this navy blue off shoulder top is the perfect match. Its design, cuts, and embellishments, all balance one another. Most of the adornments are kept around the Daman and hemline, particularly in golden using the pretty sequence and dory work. Underneath this delicate pattern is the work in applique in pink.

Luxury Pret Formal Wear Dresses


Luxury Pret Formal Wear Dresses also contains the range of wrap tops. Wrap tops are unique and novel in style. Moreover, they carry a full diversity in cuts, forms, and hues. They range from soft baby pink to white to rust, light brown, and many others. The basic design includes the organza wrap over the inner silk top with a fine collar and belt. The raw silk boot cut pants perfectly complement these tops and gives that chic like funky outlook.


The beautiful shot tops paired with sharara pants are also the part of luxury pret formal wear dresses collection. The sharara pants are very trending nowadays. They look so chic and will complete your style statement in any event. The designs include Paneled full sleeves top with colored thread work, zari and sequence hand embroidery all over. Embroidered borders on the neckline, front open, sleeves and daman.  Paired with black raw silk sharara pants.


The designs of this range include saree style waist belt gown in gold embroidered net. Red tube camisole in raw silk with work on the neckline and on the side of a camisole. It comes with Dark red jamawar pants with work in dabka and zardozi on painchas.

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Latest Mens Wedding Sherwani Trends by Top Pakistani Designers


Talking about the wedding season. One cannot simply refrain himself from thinking about the latest trends of Sherwani for menswear. Especially for grooms. It gets hard to decide for the brand, suitable designs, and latest style in fashion. Well to start with, the designer label holds the most of the significance, the better the designer the most exclusive collection it will be. Keeping that particular idea in mind, Stylesgap today has brought you a fascinating range of latest mens wedding sherwani trends by Pakistani popular fashion designers. These Sherwanis are crafted under the eminent clothing labels in Pakistan. This fashion insight is covering the latest Sherwani collections from all the heartthrobs of Pakistan’s fashion industry including HSY, Deepak Perwani, J., Amir Adnan and others. Their mesmerizing designs will open the world full of options for you. Let’s have a glance at the recent showcase of colors in style.


Latest Mens Wedding Sherwani Trends by Most Popular Pakistani Designers

Here we are discussing the latest mens wedding sherwani collection by Pakistan’s most popular designers. It includes plain designs, cutwork, embroidered, printed and ethnic ones. Have a look at these favorite collections and get inspired.



One of the most conspicuous features of HSY’s collections is the use of soft and low tone hues. Such taste is evidently visible in this latest collection where off white is infused with gold and tint of dull ivory work. The entire collection is a mixture of dark and light, dull and bright. One hand you can see, dark black sherwanis embellished with golden and silver work on the shoulder, neckline, and front.  Whereas on the other, light brown or white are kept in the preference with the elegant piece of embroidery over the Jamawar fabric.



As far as menswear is considered. Deepak Perwani always remains at the top of the list with his ultra-unique designs full of rich traditional outlook. His latest Sherwani speaks the volume about that taste. Intricately woven patterns in golden over black, blue or off white Jamawar look amazing. The collection comprises of both the monochrome series of sherwanis and also the dichromic versions in which white is paired with maroon, red and brown whereas black with rust or shades of crimson.


J. Junaid Jamshed is the style emblem of the industry. It has gained a center stage for men wears, and a lot of people opt it for all sorts of formal wears specially for their wedding couture. The latest Sherwani collection by J. is again full of its charms of decency. Unlike before this one is even more exquisite in the selection of the color palette, choice of the fabrics and motifs of sparkling adornments.


Fahad Hussayn is one of the latest mens wedding sherwani designers of Pakistan. Its recent assortment is also an extravagant fashion treat for all the men out there. It is a mixture of bright and refreshing hues which are beautiful embellished with traditional delicate embroidery work. Which is covering the fronts of the Sherwani. The colors of light brown, faun and off white gives the soft outlook to the grooms for the special day.



This collection is completely regal and royal in its essence. Once you gaze upon it. It will take you back to the Mughal’s era. Its shahi outlook makes it a must have for the wedding season. The Sherwani in graphite silver is the most amazing piece of its collection. It is embellished with heavy work in cut all over the Sherwani.



The level of sophistication is taken to the whole new level with this latest Sherwani collection. Amir Adnan chose the perfect blend of modern with traditional. The use of fabric and colors is quite trendy.  Whereas the work these sherwanis carry is completely classic.

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