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How to Make DIY Acne Masks To Treat Skin Problems

Acne is an issue a lot of us face on a daily basis. It can affect us a lot more than we think as it can cause discomfort as well as other physiological problems. The problem, although associated with one’s teenage years, may persist well into adulthood. There are reportedly millions of cases of acne each year, each case with its own set of problems accompanying the acne. For a lot of people, there seems to be no way out of the nightmare, however, the way out is actually quite easy. Here we are sharing How to Make DIY Acne Masks.

In order to get rid of acne, one must first understand what acne is. Acne is caused by bacteria living under the skin. What often happens is that our oil pores get shut down due to hair follicles blocking them or due to dead skin cells or white or blackheads blocking the entrance to the pores. This causes all of the extra oil to be stuck inside the pores for longer amounts of time, and with no outlet to let the oils to the skin, the skin on the outside dries up without sufficient moisture causing wrinkles, acne scars and other such skin problems. Inside the pores, the bacteria start breeding, giving rise to acne. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria can be spread all over ones face very easily, giving rise to acne outbursts.

Homemade DIY Acne Masks To Treat Skin Problems

Before sharing the DIY acne masks. First, discuss what causes the acne. Sometimes hormones are to be blamed for it too, as an excess of hormones may cause inflammation in the skin. This can be due to high levels of stress; however, this might also be genetic in some people, or due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Whatever the case may be, in the end, it is the skin that suffers the wrath of our negligence.

There are a number of solutions to this problem, the easiest of them being a regular shower to clean out all your pores and to get rid of the layer of dust and dead cells accumulated on the skin. However, if the condition of your skin seems to be worse, it is important to see a dermatologist as professional help is always good. You can also check does proactive really work.


Most of us grew up around old wives’ tales of magical home remedies for any and all ailments, ranging from using garlic scrubs to eating more sugars, however, most of these are simply myths. There are ways to get rid of acne that doesn’t necessarily require you going to a cosmetic store and spending money on facial scrubs.
Cucumber as a mask

Following are a few routines you could follow at home to achieve the same results as any good scrub:
One of the best ways to curb breakouts is to use cucumber.

  • Grating an unpeeled cucumber and mixing it with half a tablespoon of baking soda will give you a very efficient home-made alternative to facial scrubs. Apply it to your skin and let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • After the skin has absorbed it, just rinse it off with warm water. If applied regularly, this solution can help curb outbursts of acne to a great extent. This also helps balance the pH levels of the skin, which is an important contributor to acne problems. The cucumber in the solution is essential for providing vitamins to your skin, whereas the baking soda helps in exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. There are a lot of similar remedies found on the internet, such as:
  • If you have oily skin, there is another remedy that might help with that. Grating an unpeeled cucumber and juicing it will give you some cucumber juice that is very rich in essential minerals but is not very absorbable.
  • Mixing it with protein-rich egg whites can give you very good scrub. Apply this to your face and let it rest for 20-30 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. This will help purify oily skin, which would reduce the acne and help curb outbursts. Regular use can bring about a drastic reduction in acne outbursts.


So far, we’ve only worked on the skin itself, but as you might remember, acne is caused by bacteria, and in order to fight off those bacteria, one needs some form of treatment. Inability to find such treatment would mean you must resort to home remedies. Luckily, garlic and olive oil make a very good combination to fight bacteria. Take 3 cloves of garlic, mince them and mix them with olive oil. After that, use a cloth to apply the mixture (not directly) to the problem area and leave it for a while. Once it is washed off with cold water, it will take most of the bacteria with it. Prolonged or repetitive use would result in a reduction in outbursts.

Hope these DIY Acne Masks have helped you. Keep visiting us for more skin care remedies.

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Alkaram Big Friday Sale of the Year – Up to 50% Off 

Alkaram Big Friday Sale of the Year – Up to 50% Off  (2)

Excitement and anticipation both are reaching a new climax as the calendar of the year 2017 is expected to hit the 24th of November. That’s right, this year it is not going to be a black Friday but “AlKaram” is going to celebrate Big Friday Sale with the biggest sale of the year, expected to extend through the whole weekend. Hold on to your breaths and beats, because the news gets big once you will know about the discount rate AlKaram is offering for 3 whole days. Alkaram Big Friday Sale will hit the stores and online very soon.

AlKaram has maintained its repute as one of the most flourishing textile corporate in Pakistan, and it has garnered great success and appreciation through the diversity and innovation it has brought to our fashion industry. This Friday, the premium clothing line is about to celebrate their greatest retail success of the year.

In order to pay tribute and give regards to its customers for their undying support, AlKaram is taking the Black Friday up to a new level with “Give Big” and “Save Big.” Encompassing the entire range of apparels; women’s wear, menswear and for kids, the sale will give you a family treat for the month. So prepare yourself and visit your nearby stores to make yourself lucky.

Alkaram Big Friday Duration

Mark your calendars for 24th, 25th and 26th of November, as these are the days when AlKaram will open its door for the most exciting sale with the awe-inspiring discount rates. You can get amazing discounts both at AK Studios and AK fabrics. For Home and Ready to wear clothing the discount extends up to 50 % for all men, women and kids wear. Whereas for unstitched fabrics, then there is a great discount of 30% on all amazing suit pieces. Well, if that is not enough to make your jaws drop, then the alluring embroideries and the prettiest prints of its super comfy fabrics will certainly do. Don’t stop scrolling as; there is a lot to explore about the exclusive packages and deals AlKaram is offering. It’s time to dive a deeper into its mesmerizing designs and fascinating prints.

Alkaram Big Friday Sale of the Year – Up to 50% Off

For women’s wear, the digital print kurta’s are the best option to avail of this discount offer. These kurta shirts are available in the range of formal to casual wears with minimal embroideries but appealing hues, all in just half of the original prices. Pair these affordable readymade shirt pieces with a suitable bottom and you are good to go. As with the unstitched collection, the big sale will offer you 30% at all the suit pieces whether you opt for embroidered variety or the pretty digital prints. For kids wear, all the ethnic Shalwar kameez or the embroidered Kurtas, the discount is also up to 50%. Loads of soft and pastel colours are available in this range.

To allow a convenient access to all the sale pieces for its customers, AlKaram is also providing its online services where you can place your orders at, and receive your order within the country and even abroad. To directly visit their stores and look for the best options available for you, there is a perfect option to locate the nearby AlKaram outlets through their link:, while sitting at home.

Additional Discount with Easypay for Online Customers

And if you make your purchases through Easypay, then there will additional discount of 5% on all of the sale purchases online through Alkaram Studio website only. So don’t just wait around, and get up to hit the nearest AlKaram store as soon as clock ticks 12 at Thursday midnight, because AlKaram holds lots of great surprises ready for you.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Recently released Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2017-18 is what we all were waiting for, together with the flavour of radiant shades and styles. Maria B is one of the most significant labels in Pakistan fashion industry who is well-known for its outclassed women clothing ideas and accessories, who is now operating and International fashion industry.  Maria b always acquires huge effective response from the customers/people and everyone is genuinely liking and appreciating her every single design. Maria b launch seasonal as well as occasional collections like summer, fall, eid, evening wear, etc. Here we are going to discuss the latest arrival linen dresses collection consisting of three pieces unstitched women linen suits having jacquard printed and embroidered shirts. Plain trousers, woollen, palachi shawls and dupattas.

Maria B designs are surely you can die for, the recent linen series is full of sophistication and glam. Each piece has its own charm. The designer created every single piece with much love that is pouring out. Maroon with white goes absolutely great. The embroidered shawls add more grace to this winter line. Maya Ali stuns in the shoot by wearing the spectacular designs. Let’s have a look.


Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2017-2018

These dresses are nourished together with embroidery and Epcot flowery /floral patterns and all these are appearing to be amazing on every skin tone of every age of women whether average or aged. Females can come across in this collection with the latest vibrant colouring techniques and ideas, gentle floral patterns in brilliant tones, fluorescent colouration and divine edges and borders. Here I have posted almost all the designs of Latest Maria B Winter Linen Dresses Collection 2017-2018. All these dresses have delicate designs, bold colour patterns and soothing prints best for this winter season. It is now available nationwide as well as you can also order them online through their official website or

Make yourself more lively by wearing the cool-hued suits and stay warm. It is an unstitched assortment consisting of fabric from which you can easily make your desired style outfit like short frocks, long kameez, kurtas, etc. The embroidery motifs are so charming and presentable. Have a look at the photo gallery posted below and get inspired by the latest linen dress styles.


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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2017-2018

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2017-2018

So, this is the beginning of autumn, winter season, the seasons of leaf shed, dullness as it is being thought from the ages. By wearing warm clothes, sitting in a window with a mug of coffee watching the brown leaves falling. Sounds sometimes boring. No need of getting bored wearing dull clothes ladies. We give you a complete collection, by which you can shine and look bright even in winters and enjoy the season without throwing your style and grace away. Presenting you a full catalogue of trendy designer wears, which will not only let your style go dim but also increase the charisma of your personality and make you stand out of the crowd with your charming style and elegance. And will make you feel perfect with your mug of coffee in your hand. Here we are going to share the recently launched Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2017-2018.

So the most anticipated and Pakistan’s One of the leading duo designer brand Sana Shawani and Safina Muneer’s Sana safinaz latest winter collection has been launched and delivered to the stores for sales with the title of Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2017-2018”. A renowned brand that doesn’t need any introduction at all is very well established and versatile brand that is not only known for any particular area but have mastered in designing and colouring all aspects of life. The tag was initially established in late 1989, and the name was inspired by the owners, Sana hashwani and Safina Muneer, who are the designer brand partners, as well as sisters-in-law in the relationship.

They transformed the Pakistani fashion into an international one by delivering excellence to it by their all-encompassing lifestyle brand has a great name in bridal couture line especially. As well as high fame in western, traditional, diffusion, pret, party, casual and formal wears and among all the categories of clothing. As they jumped into the retail business it unleashed a whole new level and is equally beneficial for the owners and customers as well. The name has various outlets all across the Pakistan for the showcase of its creation at a huge platform, and it can reach more people.

Sana Safinaz Winter Dresses Muzlin Collection 2017-2018

This season Sana safinaz launched winter Muzlin collection, which includes unique and classy designs to add heat to your chilly days and nights with a warm flare of extravagance and beauty. Perfectly according to the needs and desire of the modern women, their constant strive of delivering their understanding in all lines of their creations make them more demand-able. This assortment includes un-stitched fabric that is designed perfectly and made of the finest material with amazing prints which is very suitable for winters.

The combination of appropriate fabric and perfect designs gives this collection the eye-catching attractiveness for the customers who are looking for a stylish winter wardrobe. All the dresses are adorned with the intricate and gorgeous embroidery that is perfectly a compliment to the colours and patterns used along with the prints. It is available at all the national and international outlets, also with the home delivery offer to some specific areas where it cannot approach by outlet until now but soon they will and until now it’s available in all flagship stores of Sana safinaz.


here we are sharing the pictorial demonstration of the variety, which has the great combination of finest digital natural colours like green, yellow and combined with different tones of the colors of blue, red , black , white ,orange purple , brown and many more that you will see in sample photo shoot of models we are providing.

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Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018

This winter adds a little glare and shines to your wardrobe with the latest Breakout winter collection 2017-2018. It is quite true that boys and girls of young ages go for the western outlook when it is all wintery outside. They love carrying those attires that look trendy and feel comfy as well. So breakout presents the series of latest western style apparels for the youngsters of all ages. With the more funky and classy collection, the breakout has maintained its standard of quality over the last few years. Here we are sharing the Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2017.

Famous for its best range of western dresses, Breakout has made its name throughout Pakistan in the recent decades. Now presenting this year’s catalogue for western collection for boys and girls. It provides western collection for all seasons. Whether its shirts or jackets, jeans or trousers, tunic or tops, sweaters or coats, all are available at the house of Breakout. How to add glamour and style to the fashion trend, is one thing that they know it too well. Appealing styles with catchy colors will bring a smile on your face once you carry it as your wardrobe. Easygoing garments with tasteful and beautiful denim are the beauty of this collection.

For girls, the collection is entirely set bright and trendy, with beautiful cuts and amazing prints. From wintry shrugs and warm sweaters to classy jeans and jackets, all are here to make girls say wow! This year the cosy fury shirts in all soft hues also going to hit the fall. Great Persian printed shirts and tunics are new. Elegant Pink hoodies and long coats are very much in demand. Woolen stalls and shawls can be worn to have a great western trendy outlook.

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018 for Men & Women

The winter dress series for men is not any less in style. From the cool sports luxe to decent Man fleece collection, the men can get it all in a most economical package. They can also double the fun with the all-new winter reversible double-sided jackets that come in all comfy materials, sizes and colors. Rayon pilot jackets in bold and elegant colors look amazingly stylish. Now with all new Faux fur jackets, men can ride hard with super cool looks. Other than that the collection comprises of Denim jeans, casual shirts, sweaters and latest style coats. Moreover, the price range is quite affordable ranging from 2000 PKR to 5000PKR. The colour scheme includes not just basic black, brown, grey or white hues, but burgundy and other diffused shades are also available.

In bird’s eye view, the whole new winter collection by Pakistan’s emerging fashion franchise Breakout is going to amaze its customers with a great funky line of clothing. Get ready to transform your winter wardrobe into closet impulse. The brand excels in giving its customer a great deal of variety and assisting them to express their own style and interests adequately with this new collection.

Breakout Latest Western Winter Dresses Collection for Women

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Christmas Gifts Ideas

Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her/ Xmas Jewelry Trends

Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her Xmas Jewelry Trends

Have you started hearing them already? Yes! Christmas bells are ringing all up in the air as it’s about time when our anticipations take a new turn of excitement. Christmas celebrations are soon going to hit our homes and fill them with joy and love, it will too hit our wardrobes with enticing new flavors and festive colors. What our Xmas apparels might be missing is the full boost of gorgeous jewelry, you know how a single piece of gleaming jewelry can turn your entire look around. Jewelry is one of the best Christmas gifts for her. So embrace the finest style with a fascinating collection of Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her/ Xmas Jewelry Trends that will make your Eve memorable.

Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her/ Xmas Jewelry Trends

Well, there are many set of ideas which you can follow, either go for elegant snowflake style or the funkiest hues of Xmas tree. Here we have brought all the latest jewelry trends for earrings, necklaces and bracelets, match them with your dress and create an alluring combination. So let’s get started and witness the magical display of festive colors: Let’s discuss the Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her/ Xmas Jewelry Trends.

Charming Earrings:

Let’s have a look on these charming earrings best for your special eve.

Snowflake Trend:

Let’s enjoy the snowy Christmas Eve by cherishing the loveliest snowflakes, carry these as your pretty earrings and every gaze will be tied to you. These are such delicate and elegant piece of collections that any wardrobe you select for the day, will look perfect with them.

Christmas Star:

If you are a fan of prominent but lighter earrings, then these are definitely for you. There are all the Xmas colors you would want and the silver is balancing a contrast in a very tasteful manner.

Blossoming Cherries:

Want to flaunt your beauty with blooming cherries in red? Well, these pretty earrings will do that for you. These handy dandy Xmas earrings are this year’s special, you can pair them with any silver necklace and it will nail your outlook.

Alluring Trees:

If you are a fan of prominent hanging earrings, then these are perfect for your day. The elegant emerald green crystals with intricate silver work are shaped into a lovely Christmas tree. These earrings are nothing but pure beauty.

Magic bells:

Chiming bells are another great charm going to hit the season. These little charming bells are perfect for your lovely colorful frocks or maxi for Christmas celebrations.

Enchanting Necklaces:

Here we are discussing some amazing designs of neckwear/ necklaces.

Vintage style:

These vintage style necklaces for Christmas are the newest thing in town and are available on almost every online web portal. They are delicate, light and simply another name for sophistication.

Swarovski Crystal:

Whether it’s Christmas or any other celebrations, Swarovski jewelries are famous for their intricacy and delicacy. When shaped into frosty crystals for Christmas Swarovski necklaces give another magical display.

Embedded Pearls:

The entire set is worth to experiment with on this Xmas. It has the glaring silver finish and embedded pearls in contrasting shades. The use of red, green and a bow on top makes it perfect for the Christmas outlook.

Shinning trees:

Girls of young ages definitely going to adore this necklace with the matching earrings as it is extremely cute and full of refreshing colors. All the pearls are lined up to create an amazing contrast together.
Christmas Bracelets:

Opulent Christmas Bracelets:

These Christmas bracelet will go with almost any of your outfit. Moreover, they are light to carry and available easily. If you certainly want a feast for your hands then these are must to try.

Blooming Pearls:

A heavy dose of pearls and metallic chimes, are what you need for this Christmas. These bracelets are funkiest in look and loveliest in style. For your formal and casual outfits, these bracelets deem perfect.

Frosty Crystal:

Sophistication reaches to another pedestal with this delicate chain bracelet. It has adorned with lovely blue crystal and a metallic snowflake with it.

Twisted White twigs:

light and dandy plastic wires are twisted around each other to create this amazing white bracelet. It sparkles through the blue beads they have added. With an elegant maxi dress, such bracelet in your hand will earn you millions of praises right away.

Jingle Beads Bracelets:

These bracelets have a very delightful cover of ivory thread work. When this shimmering color is jingled with colorful red and green bead in the middle the bracelet becomes the prettiest of all. You can carry it these to all your formal Christmas celebrations.

I hope you have loved the Latest Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her. Keep visiting us for more fashion updates.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Another Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection for you people, seems like Maria B never rests? Han? If we consider that this all effort just for us, for fashion lover ladies and young girls. Maria B is defined with glamorous, elegance, contemporary, scintillating and chic trend provider.  One can say that the fashion industry owes a lot to Maria B. This gorgeous lady is a very wise trend reader who has always brought her seasonal collections after a huge research and analyzation about designs and styling.  Maria B is a real proud of Pakistan’s fashion industry as it has gained fame all around the world. This internationally growing brand has developed interests in many women to wear eastern clothes without hesitation no matter in which part of the world they are living because of the amazingly designed dresses by Maria B.

Let’s have a look at the queue for Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection 2017. As we always provide you with exclusive and authentically approved fashion news so never stop visiting and keep updated of new fashion. Just like today, we are posting a very recent collection M Prints features inspiring and elegant winter wear clothes.  Like last year Indian pashmina winter collection by Maria B got so famous among fashion lovers, we expect that this collection is also going to win hearts.


Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection 2017-2018

In this assortment, the shirts are embellished with Asian elegance and different regions flavours. All dresses in this collection have the beautiful signature blend with influential and unique designs. The stunning designs with awesome colours are so damn attractive that one can never get out of the shop without buying at least one of them. The colour scheme used is mostly the combination of bright colours like blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, purple, grey, etc. These dresses are a perfect choice for young girls especially.

All of these dresses contains multi-coloured prints like red, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, brown, pink, beige etc. Khaddar and linen shirts are paired with printed winter lawn, chiffon and tissue silk dupattas. Camric and khaddar trousers are added with these shirts.

The Linen Dress series also contain long embroidered neckline prints along with other designing patterns like lacework, ribbon work and Kashmiri karhai. This latest printed series includes the wide range of warm clothes, innovation, and luxury. Through this collection, Maria B is directly dealing with Indian clients that are proud to Pakistani fashion industry that our designers are getting such demand and appreciation across the borders. Hats off to the creativity of Maria B, a unique, stunning and breathtaking embellishment and colour contrasts in this Latest Maria B Winter Printed Dresses Collection show the effort of the designer.
Have a look on these dresses comprised of sensational designs and admiring prints.


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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Pakistan’s one of the most leading brand and textile industry, AlKaram, famous for its outstanding prints and hues in the world of fabrics has now launched their winter series. Magnificent designs, embroidery works and beautiful cuts and laces have always been the trademark of this brand. Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2017-2018 presents you the best of, stitched and un-stitched clothes, including formal, semi-formal, ready to go and casual wears. Catalogs for Volume 1 and 2 are all out now in stores.

AlKaram always goes beyond the boundaries of criticism and puts in the new vision of creativity in each year’s collection. Great prints with affordable prices are the hallmarks of this season’s collection, the cost ranges from PKR 2400 to PKR 6500, drawing the attention of both the working women and the housewives. Al-Karam Winter collection is a treat full of warmth and astonishing lines of trends. The wide range including cotton karandi, winter khaddar, cotton linen with woollen shawls, resham linen, and resham twill provides you with the great variety to choose in accordance with any of the festive occasion.

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Alkaram promises to bring out unique creation along with the huge range of variety as well. Following are the various lines of designs that are all out now in markets. Catering to the demands of all, AlKaram always adds a hint of urban touch to the desi lines of garments. This year Al-Karam has raised the bar and launched a whole new range of vibrant colours and dazzling designs in AlKaram Kashmiri dress series. Beautiful and fresh hues with enchanting prints are all this assortment is about.

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Lustrous Collection 2017-18

Alluring digital prints for winters can be now found in the whole series of Alkaram Winter Digital dresses. Whether its Cotton karandi or Linen Fabrics, Digital prints feature a trendy and super stylish outlook for your casual wears. Even the new range of 2 piece suits are also carrying beautiful and stunning digital prints.

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Luminous Collection

Just like last year, this year Alkaram has again launched their marvelous and luscious range of Luminous series. As the name tells, they are all about elegance merged with vibrant arrays of colours. The fabrics available in this series are linen and khaddar with varying colors, from black to brown to purple, pink, yellow and orange. Shirts, either plain or printed both embroidered coupled with dyed shalwars.

Alkaram Fall Winter Embroidered Dresses Eminence Collection

What is next is the magic that is filled with extravagant designs blended with the oriental trends of the East. Alkaram dresses reflect the amazing culture with the hints of the modern style of wardrobes. AlKaram admires the wealth of the beauty of nature, the greenery, and the blooming flowers. Inspired by fresh ravishing views of nature, this line of fabrics comprised of amazing floral prints. Three piece suits having printed palachi shawls paired with viscose printed embroidered Kameez and matching shalwars.

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Winter FashionWomen Dresses

Kayseria Best Winter Dresses Collection 2017-18 Pret, Fabric & Ladli

Kayseria Best Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018

Hello, winter people! Hope you are enjoying good health. As the winter season just arrives and as it comes for a very short time and after spending a long season of summer, so everyone tries to enjoy it to their full. Hot beverages, warm clothes, cold hangouts with dear friends and family, all these are part of the winter season. As the season comes, the first thing we do is switching our wardrobes according to the season. And I guess your winter hunt has started till yet because every day, one by one designer collection for the upcoming season of winters is coming in the market with so many new designs and prints. Today we will discuss Kayseria Best Winter Dresses Collection 2017 by Pakistani’s leading fashion fabric brand “Kayseria”. Each one of you would be looking for your favorite brand collection so every day we come with a different brand launch in the sequence of their launches to help you get the complete information about them.

Since last some years, Pakistan’s fashion industry is touching the very high ends of modernity and sophistication. No doubt our fashion industry can compete with anyone due to the creative and skillful minds of our designers, especially the new talents. Kayseria is also one of Pakistan’s famous fashion brand that is serving with most amazing clothing line since years. It has been launching its seasonal and occasional collections every year and at every event & is always highly appreciated by its customers.

Kayseria Best Winter Dresses Collection 2017- Unstitched Fabric

People especially young girls love kayseria due to its unique and crafty designs, the way they are managed using high-class fabrics and the colors. It provides with both stitched and sunstitched dresses that are a benefit for the ladies who most of the time don’t like the stitched ranges and prefer to get the stitching done according to their fit size and choice. The unstitched variety consists of amazing designs & patterns of single piece shirts and two/ three piece suit range. The necklines are beautifully adorned with Turkish, Russian and Asian embroideries.

Kayersia Best Winter Dresses collection 2017- Pret Suits & Stitched Shirts

This winters once again kayseria has done its punctual launch of ladies wear that will be seen in the market soon. Each design is innovative and intimate along with the brilliant sense of color contrasts like gray, orange, apple green, blue, pink, off-white, yellow, peach and many other colors. Girls can buy single stitched shirt piece and get a matching tights or a trouser to look chicer and stylish where ladies can have the two or three piece suits as they want. The prints are quite impressive and decent, very soft just according to a girl’s personality. Furthermore, have a glance on these dresses from Kayseria Best Winter Dresses Collection 2017.

Kayersia Ladli Winter Dresses Collection 2017-18 for Little Girls

Ladli is the label by kayersia which corporates with little girl dresses. This winter season kayeria has bought a wide range of warm suits in fantastic styles and designs for little ladies. If you are having a daughter or a young sister, then you must have to look at the spectacular designs. I hope you will fall in love with them and want to purchase them for your little ones.


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Women Dresses

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017-2018

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017-2018

Winter season has approximately arrived where we need more new clothes suitable for occasional as well as party wears where it comes to the name of silk cloth in our minds to fulfil this demand. That is why designers are so busy in putting the best and unique of their efforts for more fashionable silk clothes. Without any formalities I will prefer to put the name of Sana Safinaz clothing, a big name after Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Munir who are Pakistan’s leading extravagance fashion designers & are one of the most illustrious names of the fashion industry. The brand is totally devoted to women fashion as it’s also controlled by women. Sana Safinaz is a brand with big customer demand that is the reason its hundreds of stores are running in Pakistan, UAE, America, Canada, India, London & Saudi Arabia. Today we will share the recently launched Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017.

Previously the brand has provided us with amazing summer collections, now it has launched its Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017-2018 2017 for women and girls. The best use of fabric is made with unique prints of silk and chiffon. Unstitched silk fabric is available in this collection which includes casual, formal, semi-formal and functional silk wears. As young girls and women want themselves to wear something rare and distinctive so it’s a big chance for them to decorate their wardrobes with this Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017-2018. Like every collection ever launched by Sana Safinaz, this collection also comprises of unique and inspiring designs. It is easily wearable by women of all ages. Both long and short shirts can be made with the amazing contrast of trousers where its the matter of choice if one chooses elegant pajamas, tights, shalwars with printed chiffon dupattas. The brand has offered both heavy and light embroidered dresses of silk for modern girls. One can have the simple perfect casual wears for family functions etc where on the other hand best fancy clothes are available for party wears.

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection 2017-2018

The variety of prints are available with the colour combinations of bright and light colours such as white, yellow, red, black, blue, purple, skin etc which are made more attractive after the use of refined fabric for their making. Mostly use of dark colours is seen in this collection as dark colours are more suitable for winter season. It creates an eye-catching effect in them due to the unique designing patterns. So I will suggest fashion lovers to not miss the chance to get this amazing collection which is launched at very reasonable prices. The attires which make your personality more attractive, trendy and stylish. Come on we have made easy for you to choose best of designs from this collection by presenting you the top ones here. This alluring and fancy silk suits assortment is perfect for your winter formal wardrobes. Have a look at image gallery posted below and get inspired.

Sana Safinaz Silk Chiffon Dresses Designs Collection

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